3M Peltor MT73H7B4D10-NA WS™ LiteCom PRO III - Neckband

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Brand3M Peltor
Family3M Peltor LiteCom
Main CategoryHearing Protection

3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ LiteCom Pro III Headset

Stay protected and connected

3M™ proudly presents one of the most seamless hearing protection experiences on the market. This analog and digital two-way radio system enables crystal-clear communication in high-noise environments. With Bluetooth® multipoint functionality, workers can connect with up to two mobile devices. Level-dependent functionality allows workers to stay protected, aware, and able to communicate face-to-face without removing their hearing protection. All of this technology is combined with the professional-grade durability and all-day wearability you’ve grown to expect from PELTOR™.

  1. Hearing protection with built-in two-way radio.

  2. Hearing protection for communicating with external communication devices.

  3. Hearing protection with level-dependent function for ambient listening.

  4. Built-in Bluetooth® technology.


Smart solutions, easy communication

3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ LiteCom Pro III Headset is a hearing protector with an analog and digital two-way communication radio, level-dependent hearing protection, Bluetooth® functionality, and a jack to connect with external devices.

  1. Programmable analog and digital two-way communication radio: Headset-to-headset communication can also be integrated into similar professional radio systems. Up to 70 programmable radio channels.

  2. Keep headset in proper working order: Hygiene kits available separately that contain replacement cushions and foam inserts.

  3. Bluetooth® connectivity: Provides simultaneous wireless connection to multiple external devices.

  4. User-friendly controls: A voice-guided menu allows for hands-free adjustments to the system.

  5. External connection jack: Connects to smartphones, radios, shoulder mics, and other external devices.

  6. Noise-cancelling, waterproof speech microphone: Enables clear communication in noisy and environments.

  7. Comfort options: Available in headband, neckband, and hardhat-attached configurations to address a variety of needs.

  8. Stainless steel wire headband: Offers comfortable and consistent pressure.

  9. Hearing protection: Noise-attenuating earcups provide top-tier hearing protection in high-decibel environments.

  10. Batteries: Headset powers off automatically after 2 hours of nonuse to conserve batteries, and sounds an audio alert when battery is low. Batteries can last for approximately 11 hours.

  11. Level-dependent microphones: Environmentally sensitive microphones adjust level-dependent hearing protection to allow for ambient listening.

  12. Full one-year product warranty

  13. Voice-operated transmission: VOX for hands-free operation in high-noise environments.


Key features

Two-way communication radio enables hands-free headset-to-headset communication without the inconvenience and hazard of cables or cords.

Can be programmed to use up to 70 unique two-way radio channels with analog and/or DMR digital modulation.

Easily integrates into similar professional radio communication systems.

Designed by 3M™ PELTOR™ and engineered for the working professional.


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