3M Peltor Tactical Sport Electronic Communications Headset - Orange & Black Shells

3MSKU: ONS247-MT16H210F-479-SV-EA-DS
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Brand3M Peltor
Main CategoryHearing Protection

3M Peltor Tactical Sport Electronic Headset PELMT16H210F-479-SV Headband - Black and Orange Shells Both Included
The Peltor Tactical Sport Communications Headset offers reliable hearing protection and distortion free amplification in one comfortable headset. The smooth adjustment of the active-volume function gives the user less interference and true to life sound reproduction The one-of-a-kind digital audio circuit eliminates the abrupt sound cut-off that characterizes many active-volume hearing protectors on the market.

The Peltor Tactical Sport is the latest electronic headset from Peltor and is great for use while hunting or at the shooting range. The Peltor Tactical Sport headset has an interchangeable outer cup shell design and comes standard with black cups and an extra set of orange cups for enhanced visibility during hunting season! NRR 20 dB. Operates with 2 AAA batteries (not included) good for 500 hours of use. The Peltor Tactical Sport audio input jack on the left ear cup for use with Peltor patch cords for auxiliary input such as MP3 players, cell phones, or 2-way radios.

The new electronics in the Peltor Tactical Sport respond at lightning speed and protect the shooter's hearing from loud impulse noises. However, the system reacts so smoothly that in most cases, you'll never hear the cut-off when the protector is activated. Just like Peltor's other active-volume electronic hearing protectors, the TacticalSport also amplifies your hearing so you actually hear better than you would without the protector. And of course you can connect your hunting radio to it, keeping you in full communication at all times.

The 3M Peltor Tactical Sport Electronic Headset MT16H210F-479-SV is an intelligent active headset. Its smooth adjustment of the hearing protector's level dependent function gives the user clear and pleasant sound reproduction and less interference. Designed with a natural, realistic sound that gives its users the fastest shut-off and recovery time. In addition, its sound amplification allows its users to hear better with earmuff on compared to normal hearing alone while limiting dangerous noises, like gunfire, to lower, safe listening levels.

  • Communications headset
  • Contoured cups for better stock-weld and sight picture
  • Automatic shut-off (2 hour) to conserve battery life
  • Extra set of orange cups
  • Amplifies ambient sound so you actually hear much better
  • Digital Sound Suppression technology
  • Possible industries include: hunting, shooting range, heavy equipment operators, manufacturing, construction, agricultural
  • NRR 20 dB*


  • Brand: 3M Peltor
  • Style: 3M Peltor Tactical Sport Electronic Headset, MT16H210F-479-SV
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable or Disposable
  • Category: Headsets
  • Product Category: Protective Communications, Hearing Protection, Hearing Conservation
  • Communication Type: Ambient Listening, Tactical Headset
  • Hearing Protection Type: Headband
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 20 Decibel
  • Product Series: Tactical Sport
  • Product Type: Headset
  • Recommended Application: High Noise Environment
  • Recommended Industry: Chemicals, Transportation, Public Safety, Construction, Automotive, Agricultural, Manufacturing, Shooting

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