3M™ Wetordry™ PSA Paper Disc 431Q, 12 in x NH 120 C-weight, 50 per inner 100 per case

3MSKU: 3MM60600100501-EA-DS
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Brand3M Abrasives
Main CategoryAbrasives

Convenient to Use, Excellent Results
Used with liquids, 3M™ Wetordry™ PSA discs enable the user to rinse areas of the workpiece and the sheet during use to prevent dust and debris from clogging the points of the abrasive and reduce air borne dust, while producing a faster cut at the same time. These versatile discs are ideal on surfaces that tend to generate a lot of dust, such as paint, primer, and gel coats; and can also be used dry for finishing metal and wood. Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing provides an attachment suitable for high heat and severe disc sanding applications and easy attachment to a random orbital sander. Convenient liners reduce contamination of the disc backing prior to use.

Light, Smooth, Waterproof Backing
Our 3M™ Wetordry™ PSA products are backed with a waterproof paper backing that supports wet and dry applications. Lighter weight than cloth with a smooth coating surface, the paper backing is preferable for lighter applications such as finishing and paint prep. At the same time, many such applications produce a significant amount of dust, clogging the abrasive points and creating an inferior work environment. These effects can be minimized by sanding with liquids to rinse dust away.

Our Fastest Cutting Abrasive Mineral
Silicon carbide is a very hard mineral that fractures easily, resulting in freshly exposed sharp edges that produce a smooth finish. Silicon carbide products are commonly used for low pressure applications such as paint prep and finishing on wood and metal. While it wears faster than aluminum oxide, it produces a finer finish.

More Effective Sanding for More Effective Operations
We put plenty of science behind Our 3M™ Wetordry™ PSA Abrasive Disc 431Q – and not just to improve your finished work. These abrasive sheets make the entire sanding process easier, from the durability of each sheet during wet sanding to faster cutting to easier buffing for faster production times and less labor cost.


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