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N95 Mask & Respirators

In an age of massive wildfires, air quality in your work environment can change in an instant. Quickly adapt to unexpected breathing hazards with NIOSH-approved disposable dust N95 respirators from Enviro Safety Products. Compactly designed to go wherever you go, these single-use, all-in-one N95 face masks can be easily thrown on to defend against 95 percent of non-oil-based airborne particles. Elastic straps adjust to every wearer for a secure fit that can smoothly transition from indoor to outdoor use. Efficiently crafted to provide nose and mouth coverage, these NIOSH-approved respirator dust masks prevent obstruction of the eyes, leaving room for safety glasses or goggles. Get long-lasting protection that adapts to your environment with N95 face masks and other NIOSH disposable respirator masks.

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  1. 3M 8511 N95 Particulate Respirator Mask with CoolFlow Valve, Box of 10

    SKU: 3MM8511

    Special Price $17.49 Regular Price $18.79
  2. 3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator Mask, Box of 20

    SKU: 3MM8210

    Special Price $16.99 Regular Price $24.99
  3. 3M 9205+ N95 Aura Particulate Respirator Mask, Case of 440

    SKU: 3MM9205+

    Special Price $429.99 Regular Price $500.00
  4. 3M 9210+ N95 Aura Particulate Respirator Mask, Case of 240

    SKU: 3MM9210PLUS

    Special Price $269.99 Regular Price $300.00
  5. 3M 1870+ Aura N95 Health Care Particulate Respirator & Surgical Mask, Case of 440

    SKU: 3MM1870PLUS

    Special Price $624.99 Regular Price $700.00
  6. Gerson 1730 N95 Particulate Respirator

    SKU: GER1730

    Special Price $14.49 Regular Price $20.00
  7. Moldex Disposable Particulate Respirator 2400 N95 (10/Bag)

    SKU: MOL2400

    Special Price $45.99 Regular Price $49.99
  8. Moldex 2200 N95 Particulate Respirators, Medium/Large

    SKU: MOL2200

    Special Price $23.99 Regular Price $24.99
  9. 3M 8511 N95 Particulate Respirator, Case of 80

    SKU: 3MM8511-CS

  10. Cordova NX95V2 N95 Disposable Respirator, Valved, Contoured (Box of 10)

    SKU: CRDNX95V2

    Special Price $20.00 Regular Price $21.99
  11. Honeywell 14110394 SAF-T-FIT Plus N1125 N95, Exhalation Valve, Box Of 20

    SKU: HON14110394

    Special Price $34.99 Regular Price $53.99
  12. Moldex 2300 N95 Particulate Respirator with Exhalation Valve (Box of 10)

    SKU: MOL2300

    Special Price $25.99 Regular Price $39.99
  13. Moldex 4200 Airwave N95 Disposable Respirator - M/L 10/Box

    SKU: MOL4200

    Special Price $22.99 Regular Price $29.99
  14. 3M Particulate Respirator 9010 - Box of 50

    SKU: 3MM9010

    Special Price $34.99 Regular Price $40.00
  15. 3M 9502+ N95 Particulate Respirator - Bag of 50

    SKU: 3MM9502+

    Special Price $34.99 Regular Price $50.00
  16. 3M 8210V N95 Particulate Respirator - Case of 80

    SKU: 3MM8210V-CS

    Special Price $118.99 Regular Price $150.00
  17. 3M 9502+ N95 Particulate Respirator - Case of 500

    SKU: 3MM9502+CS

    Special Price $349.99 Regular Price $500.00
  18. 3M™ 8200 N95 Particulate Respirator (Case of 160)

    SKU: 3MM8200-CS

    Special Price $99.99 Regular Price $150.00
  19. 3M 8210V N95 Particulate Respirator - Box of 10

    SKU: 3MM8210V

    Special Price $14.99 Regular Price $16.24
  20. 3M 8200 N95 Particulate Respirator, 07023(AAD), Box of 20

    SKU: 3MM8200

    Special Price $9.99 Regular Price $15.00
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Protect Workers from Airborne Hazards

N95 face mask respirators effectively filter out a minimum of 95 percent of airborne particles. However, they’re not resistant to oil. N95 respirators are ideal for environments where non-oil-based hazards are present, like construction, mineral processing and other dust-laden workplaces. At Enviro Safety Products, it’s our mission to help you protect your employees from airborne hazards, so we’ve compiled a huge selection of breathing protection at extremely affordable prices. If you’re not sure which N95 face mask is right for your workplace, feel free to browse our product descriptions or call our trained experts at 800-637-6606 – we’ll be happy to help.

N95 Respirator Masks and NIOSH

Each mask in Enviro Safety Products’ extensive inventory meets or exceeds the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s high standards. Our NIOSH-approved N95 particulate respirators filter at least 95 percent of airborne particles while allowing users to breathe comfortably. They don’t interfere with other personal protective equipment, like our economy safety glasses or disposable hoods and head coverings.

Special Features of N95 Masks

  • Extended Wear Capabilities - Most of the N95 face mask respirators in our inventory feature special designs intended for extended wear in dusty or fume-filled environments. The disposable respirator masks are adjustable, durable, and reliable, so your employees can work with high levels of protection for long periods of time.
  • Compatibility With Other Gear - 3M N95 masks feature their patented Advanced Electret Media and Cool Flow Exhalation Valves. Additionally, these respirators are equipped with M-nose clips to prevent fogging on safety glasses and work in conjunction with other personal protective equipment, like earmuffs and hard hats. Some have foam nose and face seals, while others have pouch-style designs that also provide fluid protection.
  • Versatility of Application – Each product in our inventory is designed for a different application. We carry FDA-approved N95 surgical masks, respirators created for welders, some designed specifically for woodworking and grinding, and other occupations. They’re available in a wide range of sizes, too, so you can protect each employee in your workplace with the right equipment.

N95 Particulate Masks as PPE for the General Population

According to the FDA, N95 particulate masks can serve as PPE because they serve as a barrier between infectious materials and the mucous membranes. The respirators in our catalog have been used by people who wish to prevent bird flu, swine flu and the spread of other contaminants and germs.

Government agencies often recommend N95 face masks for the general population during viral outbreaks because they’re effective at filtering the flow of air going in while protecting people other than the wearer as well.

Purchasing the Right N95 Mask

Enviro Safety Products is committed to helping you create the safest workplace possible. That’s why our huge selection of N95 respirators clearly lists the features of each – so you can choose the right protection for your employees based on the hazards present in your workplace.

If you have questions about choosing the right N95 respirator, just call our friendly and knowledgeable customer service experts; every member of our staff receives intensive training on our products and their functions twice a month, so they’ll be able to help you make the right choices. Our representatives are available at 800-637-6606, Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

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