Allegro Safety 9205-02 Half Mask Supplied Air Respirator System-Two Man

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Allegro Safety Half Mask Supplied Air Respirator System-Two Man

Portable, lightweight source for one worker.

Complete Two Worker Half Mask System that offers portable, lightweight air sources and includes two comfortable half mask supplied air respirators, 3/4 Ambient hp pump & 50' breathing air hose. An air compressor is not needed for this ambient air system.

Pump must be placed in a clean air environment. Supplied air respirator system ambient air pumps do not require temperature alarms, CO monitors or airline filters, offering a cost-effective alternative when compressed air is not available. Additional air supplied hose can be purchased, total length of line not to exceed 100'.


  • Durable silicone rubber
  • Hypoallergenic and chemical/Ozone resistant
  • Large diameter exhalation valve
  • Rubber double strap suspension
  • Down tube comes with a 90 degree elbow that allows it to be directed over the shoulder. OBAC quick-connect plug with wide diameter and minimal air restriction


  • Type: Oil-less, rotary vane
  • Vanes: Carbon construction
  • Inlet Filter: 40.0 Micron bronze/steel --- 50 Micron felt material with metal grid inlet filter housing
  • Exhaust Filter: 0.3 Micron HEPA
  • Pressure Gauge: 1 1/2" (3.8 cm) face, steel housing (0-15 psi) (0-1.03 bar)
  • Working Pressure: 2-12 psi (0.14-0.83 bar) (15 psi max) (1.03 bar max)
  • Performance: 0-5 CFM (0-8.5 m3/hr) (1/4 HP) --- 0-10 CFM (0-16.99 m3/hr) (3/4 HP) --- 0-20 CFM (0-33.98 m3/hr) (1½ HP)
  • MOTOR:

    • Type: 1/4 HP, 3/4 HP, or 1 1/2 HP UL Listed
    • Volts: 115 V / 230 V AC Single Ø
    • Power Required: 5.5 A (1/4 HP ), 8.3 A (3/4 HP), 16 A (1 1/2 HP)


    • Polyvinyl chloride with reinforced braided polyester yarn
    • -20°F to 150°F (-28.8°C to 65.5°C)
    • Maximum pressure 185 psi @ 70°F (12.76 bar @ 21.1°C)

    Compressor is not required for this system.

    Also Available: THREE WORKER HALF MASK SYSTEM WITH 1 1/2 HP PUMP & 50' HOSE (ALL9205-03) & ONE WORKER HALF MASK SYSTEM WITH 1/4 HP PUMP & 50' HOSE (ALL9205-01). Materials and subject may vary (dependent on kit ordered).

    System Equipped With:
    Qty 2 (9920) Halfmask Supplied-Air Respirator with belt
    Qty 1 (9821) 3/4-HP Oil-Less Air Pump
    Qty 2 (9100-50B) 50' Low Pressure Air Line

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