Traffic Safety

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What are the Traffic Safety ANSI specifications?

ANSI Class 2 – ANSI Class 2 Safety Vest consist of 201 square inches of reflective material and 775 square inches of background material. Generally these vests are sleeveless and are appropriate where traffic limits are lower than 50mph. Typically Forestry Workers, Crossing Guards, Parking and toll personnel and ground crews use these types of vests. Ansi Class 2 products that we stock are located here

ANSI Class 3 – ANSI Class 3 safety vests are for workers in risky environments where being seen is critical to their safety. Survey crews, utility workers, Site Investigators, railway workers, roadway workers all wear this class of safety protection where speeds exceed 50mph. It requires 310 square inches of reflective material, and at least 1240 square inches of background material. These safety vests will have sleeves that are conspicuously tagged with high reflectivity stripes. Typically these vests, safety pants and safety jackets are used for Traffic Safety Hi Visibility clothing for road crews and others involved with higher speed traffic areas. You can locate our ANSI Class 3 vests here.

ANSI Class 207 ANSI Class 207 or Public Safety Vests are worn by law enforcement personnel, firemen, EMS, Sheriffs and other public safety officials where tear away features are beneficial to the wearer. For Police, this is very handy in preventing people from grabbing an officer's safety vest to restrain or tangle them. Public Safety Vests are stocked and sold here.

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