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Trend Airshield Pro


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The Trend Airshield Pro air circulating face shield provides excellent protection from the inhalation of harmful dust with twin fine dust filters. The Trend Airshield Pro is great for face protection and provides filtering of particulates for increased respiratory protection. 



The Trend Airshield Pro air circulating face shield provides excellent protection from the inhalation of harmful dust with twin fine dust filters. The Trend Airshield Pro is great for face protection and provides filtering of particulates for increased respiratory protection. 

The Trend Airshield Pro is ideal for

  • Woodworkers, especially for routing and woodturning. The filtration system of the Trend Airshield Pro allows the routing of MDF and other man-made boards as well as natural timbers.
  • Anyone needing protection from dusty environments: Agricultural, Mowing, Sweeping, Grinding, etc.
  • Filters ALL particulates!
  • Polycarbonate flip-up visor protects eyes and face against impact from flying debris. The pivoting action of the visor allows the wearer to move it out of the way when not in need of filtering particulates.
  • Lightweight, quiet, and comfortable.
  • Rechargeable 8-hour removable Ni-MH battery keeps a constant stream of filtered air flowing across the face.
  • Each Trend Airshield Pro includes: 8-hour battery, battery charger, pair of THP2 fine filters, airflow indicator, visor overlay, & carrying bag.

The Trend Airshield Pro air circulating face shield has numerous improvements over the original Trend Airshield making it easier to use and more comfortable to wear Trend has relocated the motor toward the rear of the helmet creating better balance and reduced noise and vibration at the forehead area of the shield.

The Trend Airshield Pro also features attachment points for optional hearing protection and audible low battery warning.

The twin filters increase filtration area by 400% providing better protection against harmful dust. The replaceable visor is positioned close to the eyes, which improves the field of vision. Optional tear-off visor covers can be purchased to protect the visor from scratches. The moisture wicking headband keeps you comfortable when wearing the Trend Airshield Pro air circulating face shield for an extended period of time. .

Additional Information

Weight 3.2000
Dimension No
UPC 05027654544945
Manufacturer Trend Airshield Pro
Material No

Customer Reviews

fantastic Review by Bob
Product Quality
Product Features
Delivery Time
trend shield pro is the only one I use fantastic product (Posted on 12/14/2017)
Great product but needs enhancements Review by John Terdik
I love the protection it provides both for flying objects and dust however there are two issues that need attention. (1) The grade of the plastic is lacking in the area of static control and scratch resistance. The additional stick-on shield does help protect from scratches but does nothing for the static control. Also after you replace the plastic stick-on it is near impossible to get a complete seal and this results in a visible distortion. (2) The low battery signal cannot be cut off and comes on after a short usage but the battery will still provide power for at least another 6 hours. (Posted on 4/6/2017)
Headband breaks easily Review by Jorge
The airshield is heavy and needs to be firmly secured to your head with the adjustable headband. Unfortunately, after a short time, the headband breaks. I have gone through two headbands in less than a year. This is a serious design flaw and for the cost of the product, should be better made.
(Posted on 7/7/2016)
Plastic Headband might be a problem Review by Pogo
This is an awesome dust shield, works great, and battery lasts a long time, HOWEVER.. they are sure proud of the little plastic headband that probably costs them less than 3.00 to make and it's broken twice. They want 47.00 for a Headband replacement?? I've had 10.00 face shields and hard hats that the headbands outlast the hat or shield. The headband for this device should NEVER break. I'm an occasional woodturner, and my airshield is NEVER mistreated or handled roughly.... I'm very dissapointed in the materials used to manufacture this product (Posted on 12/17/2012)
Review by L Ryals.
Love the way the air flows down over your face when the fan is on. Only problem is that the mask is heavy. But I'm not aware of any way to lighten what it does for you (Posted on 7/27/2012)
Review by Joe Hemmerich
I am a wood turner, have had neck and shoulder injury a few years back and wear a beard and glasses. I purchased the air pro after much much research. Talking with other turners and the like. I am real pleased with all aspects...the weight was my fear due to my injury..I'll say first have an open mind because you could complain right away about the air flow being too cool, your eyes might water and the noise is maybe bothersome but i just put it to use and turned for a few hours and it didn't bother me because I didn't think about it! I have used it now for four battery charges (8 hours each.) I am ordering the extra battery and cradle as I would like to keep going after the battery stops which seems to be just about the time I'm wanting to start a session of lathe work. (Posted on 6/22/2012)
Review by Paul
The service, order tracking, and price from Enviro Safety were all first class. I have had just a few hours use of the air shield at this time but it appears to be doing exactly what I purchased it for. The only surprise was that my glasses tend to direct the airflow right across my eyes. It took while to get use to this but it is only a minor inconvience. Limited experience with the battery charger, but it doesn't make sense that they would not include a smart charger with this unit. It appears that the charger supplied will quickly ruin your battery pack if left connected to the battery too long / too often. (Posted on 6/11/2012)
Review by Artsciences
Awhile back I decided on a Triton because I was less enthused about a blower motor resting on my frontal sinuses, but when I discovered Triton parts becoming challenging to find, I decided to bite the bullet and try the Airshield Pro. I haven't used it a great deal yet. On the positive. The Airshield Pro is not as hot and has better airflow than the Triton. It is a bit noisier, but I'm wearing ear plugs and that seems to be sufficient. It is very effective. I tried it out on some aromatic woods while turning and not a wiff. Very nice. I'm expecting the batteries and charges to be somewhat easier to manage once the cradle arrives. That is one thing that should be made clear. You can't charge your extra battery without what seems like a very expensive cradle that allows you to charge the battery away from the helmet. The charge times are long and with only the charger, you will be either extremely efficient (I am not) or waiting for the charge while you can't use your helmet. I wish it were running on lithium technology and would have held out for that if Triton hadn't fallen off the face of the earth. The price point is high all around and certainly high for Nicad technology. On the negative side, the carrying bag is a plastic bag with a string similar to what might be given away free with a store purchase. Don't expect anything useful. I hang mine on the wall so it isn't an issue, just an over-representation perhaps (though one can indeed carry things in a cheap plastic bag). The fit is fairly crucial and I need to spend more time on that. Reducing the crown height has improved things but the up position of the hood still obstructs vision much more than the Triton. I will also likely take the advice I found on a chat to wear a welder's beanie for more comfort, as it is necessary to clamp the thing fairly tight to keep it from slipping. All of that may be helped as I get the fit better adjusted. It is reasonably comfortable to wear, certainly filters the dust new out of the box and does the job. A few cautions. The replacement filters are outrageously priced for what they are. I'll be hoping I can clean them or nurse them along much further than the recommended change times only because they are so overpriced. I know this is a bad idea, but if I was made of money I probably wouldn't need the helmet. I can understand why they don't bundle the cradle as the price point is high as it is, but I would suggest they have an option of a bundle the cradle with the spare battery. I"m sure one can jury rig something to run off of the charger or charge while you work, but you really need that cradle.

I have already recommended this to friends as the health aspects of breathing in wood dust should not be ignored and this device is comfortable enough that I will reach up and take it off the wall and wear it if it is charged. (Posted on 9/23/2011)
Review by John
A little difficult to get used to, a little top heavy and the adjustable head strap doesn't hold real well, but it does what I want it to do, and I expect the other things are just things I need to do differently, having never had something like this before. (Posted on 8/14/2011)
Review by Chris
I am a trim carpenter and woodworker who works with MDF and exotic hardwoods. I have only used the Airshield Pro for a week, but I am very pleased with its function. My eyes and lungs are now dust free. Like others I was hesitant to spend that much money, but I feel it was a wise purchase. The cool flow of air helps keep me from sweating as much. The motor is quiet. The dust shroud fits over my beard. There is a little weight to it, but after a couple days I was used to it. My one complaint is that the filters are way too expensive for what they are. The filters look like they cost $5 to $10 to make. Selling them for $53 is a rip-off. (Posted on 7/25/2011)
Review by Bert Le Looup
The best price for this purchase on the web. Shipped promply. Pleased with the shipping and UPS info for delivery time. (Posted on 6/30/2011)
Review by Aneta
I found this product to be very heavy and it is difficult to look down or bend over without extraneous effort to keep my head up. Also the moisture wicking headband does causes my forehead to sweat and break out. So overall the product does what it advertises, however it is difficult to say that it is at all comfortable. (Posted on 6/6/2011)
Review by Scott
Really fast shipping on this. Unlike my previous respirator (Triton) this one's easy to put on and take off. Battery life is outstanding. It does take a little getting used to the weight. But it's not caused any problems.

Highly recommended. (Posted on 12/25/2010)
Review by Paul
I purchased this unit for mowing in dusty areas. I have allergies and normally would have my eyes all red and swollen by the time I finished. I have mowed three times since purchasing this unit and have not had one single allergy effect. There is talk about a noise issue but my mower is very loud and I wear ear plugs so I do not hear the fan on the Trend unit. One thing that I do to make the unit as comfortable as possible is wear a welders cap under the Trend faceshield. That makes the unit comfortable. The filters still look brand new and I expect to get good life out of them. (Posted on 5/7/2010)
Review by Blain
Outstanding! Works great for sawing, woodturning, and sanding. I was hesitant to spend three bills but it's well worth the money. (Posted on 3/8/2010)
Review by Charlie Umland
Excellent product, good for dirty, dusty work. (Posted on 12/1/2009)
Review by Jim Swift
The Trend Airshield Pro is an excellent product. I have allergic reactions to wood dust. In the three weeks I've been using the Airshield I've noticed a significant reduction in allergic reactions. If I have any criticism and it is minor, it is that after three or four hours, I can feel the weight on my head. I would still recommend the Airshield to anyone concerned about wood dust. (Posted on 3/12/2009)
Review by Joe Haas
The Trend Airshield Pro works as advertised. I wear eyeglasses and the design seems to accommodate them well. The weight of the unit does cause some neck strain when I wear it for some time and the air flow/fan is a little noisy but I guess that should be expected. (Posted on 11/25/2008)
Review by Ed Peoples
I have only had my new Trend Airshield Pro for a week now. The new Trend respirator is so much better than the old original Trend Airshield. I like the increased airflow and it seems much more "solid" than my old one. What a great improvement. (Posted on 4/12/2008)
Review by T. Day
As one of the first to get the new Trend Airshield Pro, this thing is so much better than the old units. I enjoy the clip-on earmuffs, the better battery system, and the new Airshield is balanced better. This is not an updated model, but rather a whole new design. If you still won't want to spend the money for the 3M PAPR units (I really love the 3M Adflo Clear Visor PAPR System) this is a good in-between step. If the wife would let me, I would buy that 3M Clear Visor system just because it also has a charcoal cartridge so I could do some of my finishes with it on instead of the old 3M half mask respirator. (Posted on 2/25/2008)

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