Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Don’t let bulky disposable hand protection get in the way of a job well done. Enviro Safety Products’ selection of powdered and powder-free vinyl gloves provide a thin but secure barrier against messes and germs associated with light hands-on work, from food prep to janitorial duties. Soft enough for all-day wear and flexible enough to accommodate a variety of hand sizes, these gloves boast comfort and complete cleanliness. Try traditional, powder-free styles or find powdered varieties for smooth and easy application. Ideal for those with latex glove allergies, these lightweight, one-time-use vinyl gloves give you unrestricted movement all day long. When you need quick coverage, reach for a pair of powder or powder-free disposable vinyl gloves.

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Vinyl gloves are soft and comfortable to wear and are an economical alternative to latex and nitrile style gloves. While Vinyl disposable gloves do not have the same tensile strength as the other gloves, they do have excellent anti-static properties and are highly resistant to acids, alcohols and fats. Commonly used in the medial and scientific industries to protect medial and scientific staff from blood, bodily fluids and other outside infectious materials. Non-medical grade vinyl glove are also available for less-hazardous jobs, such as food service and janitorial.

Disposable Gloves Materials

Latex Gloves - the most commonly used type of disposable gloves. Latex gloves come in powder and powder-free styles for those will latex allergies. Can be used for just about any common application.
Nitrile Gloves -these gloves have great tensile strength and are wildly used in the medical and automotive industries to protect against blood, bodily fluids, oils, grease and certain chemicals.
Vinyl Gloves - made from poly vinyl chloride, known as PVC, are not as strong as the other materials, but is soft and comfortable. Disposable vinyl gloves are commonly found in the scientific and medical fields.
Polyethylene Gloves - FDA approved for food contact, these gloves are powder-free and very economical. Commonly found in school cafeterias, dining halls and other food service applications.

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