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String Knit Gloves

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  1. PIP Natural Knit String Glove 25/DZ

    SKU: PIP35-C104

  2. Gray Knit String Glove

    SKU: PIP35-C500

  3. Fingerless String Gloves

    SKU: PIP35-C119

  4. PVC High Visibility Dotted String Glove

    SKU: MCR9662-S

  5. Orange High Visibility Dotted String Glove

    SKU: MCR9663-S

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Provide the ultimate in grip and hand protection with string knit gloves from Enviro Safety Products. Whether your employees need heavyweight hand protection or breathable grip assistance, you’ll find all the cotton work gloves and PVC dotted gloves you need in our huge inventory. We even stock fingerless string gloves, high-visibility dotted string gloves and reversible, seamless gloves. Ideal for several commercial and personal applications, these string knit gloves are cost-effective and provide superior protection to hardworking employees.

Resilient and Durable Cotton Work Gloves

The cotton work gloves in our extensive collection provide comfort and warmth without hindering job performance. We offer fingerless cotton work gloves for jobs that require intricate work and full-coverage gloves for other applications. Ideal for food handling, assembly operations and warehouse work, our huge selection of cotton work gloves are the right choice for employers who care about keeping their employees protected and productive.

Our inventory is packed with cotton work gloves in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Some are cotton and polyester blends for added warmth and comfort, and some are reversible. Most are seamless and are equipped with fitted cuffs to prevent slipping and provide a custom fit. They’re fitted, so they can be worn with coveralls and other required PPE.

At Enviro Safety Products, we offer regular and heavy-duty cotton work gloves because we know each workplace has different demands. It’s our mission to provide you with the right hand protection for your employees, so you’ll find a huge variety in our comprehensive catalog.

PVC Dotted Cotton Work Gloves

We offer several types of PVC dotted work gloves that can be used in a variety of applications, including food processing, automotive assembly and package handling. Some of the PVC dotted gloves in our collection are ambidextrous, and some feature double-sided dots for extra gripping power.

The PVC dotted work gloves in our collection are ideal for box handling, working in refrigerated areas and for construction applications. They’re also often used in automotive plants, shipping and receiving and while conducting general maintenance. The fitted cuffs tuck easily under protective wet weather gear and insulated clothing.

We carry both lightweight and heavy-duty PVC dotted work gloves in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. We even offer high-visibility dotted gloves for low-light operations. The gloves in our catalog are breathable and durable, and your workers can enjoy both comfort and dexterity during use.

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