Arc Flash Eye/Face Protection

Arc Flash Face Shield

Arc flashes are very dangerous and could cause serious injuries.  We offer a large selection face protection for the professional electrician. Here you will find arc flash face shields and arc flash hoods to keep you safe and ANSI compliant.  Don't sell your safety short, stay protected.  You may also want to check out our large selection of complete arc flash kits.

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What causes an Arc Flash?
An arc flash is the result of inadvertent bridging of electrical contacts with a conducting object.  They give off thermal radiation (heat) and bright, intense light which can cause burns and reach temperatures as high as 35,000° F.  They can occur while working on an energized circuit or from electrical equipment failure.

Be Protected
Our arc flash face hoods are ANSI certified and are available in a variety of ratings from 8 Cal/cm2 to 100 Cal/cm2.  They will protect your face and neck from extreme burns from an arc flash.  Hoods will fit over any standard hard hat.  Arc flash face shields are perfect for professionals working with low level electrical currents.

We also carry Double Insulated Tool Kits tested to 10,000 VAC for certified use at 1,000 VAC / 1,500 VDC.

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