3M™ Aura™ Particulate Respirator 9205+

Masks have become an integral part of all our lives, and more so if you work in an industry where you ought to protect yourself from various particles. This is precisely where the 3M 9205+ Aura Respirator masks come into the picture.

These masks are NIOSH approved and designed to offer APF 10 Protection Level. A distinct type of N95 masks, these offer a minimum of 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles. Available in the quintessential white color, these masks are universal in size and designed to fit most adults.

Exceptional Fit of 3M 9205+Aura

3M 9205+Aura

While masks are mandatory in a vast array of industries, not all of them are designed for extended use, and don’t always offer the breathability that is needed of them! Thankfully, 3M 9205+ Aura changes all that, and brings to the market the perfect solution – a mask that easily fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

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What’s more? This mask also offers an innovative chin tab which is specially designed for ease of positioning, donning, and adjustment! Moreover, its adjustable nose clip helps provide a custom secure seal. 

Reduced Eyewear Fogging

The curved low-profile design of this mask conforms well to the contours of the nose and the eyes. Not only does this ensure a better fit, but also ensures more room for any eyewear that the user might need to put on.


Moreover, thanks to its unique embossed top panel, the mask helps direct the warm and moist exhaled air away from the nose panel. This, in turn, helps reduce eyewear fogging, which has been an issue many of us have been waiting to be resolved for quite some time now.  

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Enhanced Breathability

Enhanced Breathability

The 3M 9205+ Aura particulate respirator mask features a 3-panel design which helps accommodate a wider range of facial movements to help the user work and talk more comfortably. Its soft inner materials feel comfortable against the skin and aids in enhanced breathability during use.

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The respirator features a smooth inner cover web  that helps provide comfortable and reliable respiratory protection for the user. All these features combined, make the 3M 9205+ Aura perfectly suited for hot and/or dusty work settings that require long periods of wear.

Ease of Portability

3M 9205+ Aura Mask

While offered in cases of 440 pieces, these 3M 9205+ Aura mask are not individually packaged and instead are packaged in a bulk case. Its unique design helps ensure a flat fold which enables convenient storage as well as added ease of portability. 

Wide Range of Applications


The 3M 9205+ Aura has been proven to be effective against certain airborne particles including dust & debris, smoke & smog particles, airborne germs, cough & sneeze debris, and other particulate matter. Hence, these particulate respirator masks can be easily used when the user needs to indulge in activities such as grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging and other dusty or arid operations.

Furthermore, agricultural production, cleaning, construction, dry chemical handling, paper processing, mineral processing, and textile operations are also some of the areas where these masks can come in handy. 

Industrial Use

The 3M 9205+ Aura particulate respirator masks can be used by employees of numerous industries including but not limited to – 

  • Construction
  • General Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transportation

Niosh approved N95 Mask

Inner view and side view of N95 mask

In recent months, we have all come to understand the need for particulate respirator masks that not only offer the required level of respiratory protection but also enable longer wear time.

As always 3M rose to the challenge and introduced us all to a wide selection of NIOSH-approved filtering facepiece respirators.

Designed to cater to the needs of employees across numerous work environments and industries these masks are great at offering a comfortable yet snug fit and enhanced breathability, all while enabling the user to comfortably wear their eye gear without the inconvenience of fogging. 

A breakthrough in comfort and convenience, the three-panel mask is a must-have! 


FAQs of 3M 9205+ Aura

What is the difference between 3M 1870+ and 9205+ Aura Respirators?

One of the primary differences between the 3M 1870+ and 9205+ Aura respirators is that the 1870+ is cleared for surgical as well as healthcare use. Moreover, the 1870+ has greater fluid resistance. 

Which Type of Strap does the 3M 9205+ Aura Masks Have?

The 3M 9205+ Aura masks feature dual elastic, over-the-head straps which allows for better positioning and fit of the masks. The stapled headbands ensure an increased number of reuses of this mask! 

Are 3M N95 masks made in the USA?

While 3M has manufacturing facilities spread all across the globe, the 3M N95 masks, in particular, are all made in the United States!