Cool Deals
Winter isn’t only coming to Westeros. It’s also nearly that time of year for us. Thankfully, our winters are more predictable and less cataclysmic, and here at Enviro we’ve been committed to providing top-tier weather protection for the harshest conditions for the past 20. Right now, as the season approaches, we’re rolling out a sale on six of our products for a limited time.   MCR’s Ninja Ice glove is an excellent choice for your insulation needs, and while supplies last we’re offering free shipping with every order of 12 pairs. These gloves feature hydrorepellent technology (HPT) on the palms and fingertips that, as its name implies, repels water and other liquids while maintaining its softness and flexibility. It’s an unusually comfortable and resilient glove that will serve you well in wet and dry situations and temperatures as low as -58°F (-50°C). Also features Actifresh treatment that prevents microbial buildup.   The Occunomix tri-band reflective beanie, as you may have already guessed, features three bands of reflective material on its outer surface that will ensure visibility in low-light situations. It offers 360-degree coverage of your head and ears, making it as ideal for mundane chores and sports as for hard labor. The brushed anti-pilling fleece is able to endure long hours of usage in harsh conditions.   Next we have these reversible windbreakers from Radians, which can be used in a variety of applications and conditions. The reversible design converts from dark grey to fluorescent yellow, allowing for easy transition to high-visibility and back again. The first jacket (3ZGS) features zippered waterproof pockets on the lower front and chest, a non-waterproof zippered pocket on the sleeve with triple-segmented pencil holder on the high-visibility side, while the grey side has the pockets on the lower front and sleeve. The second (3ZDS) has a radio pocket on the chest on the hi-viz side, and the same pockets as the other jacket on the grey side.   The PowerGrab Thermo gloves from PIP is another great choice, with a seamlessly designed acrylic terrycloth shell that insulates the hands while absorbing moisture away from the skin. The hi-viz orange color makes it easier to see what you’re doing in low-light conditions, while the soft interior won’t chafe against your skin. It’s a fine option for use indoors and out, for work and sport.   Finally, we have Chicago Protective Apparel’s welding leather moto jacket, which features a boldly stylish brown grain leather build with a moto collar. A few shades redder and it could almost pass for Star Lord’s jacket from Guardians of the Galaxy. You probably won’t be needing this for any cosmic shenanigans, but the pockets on the sleeves and front will hold whatever gadgets you might be taking with you. The sleeves are precurved with a perforated panel at the back to accomodate the natural bend of the arm, which is a nifty feature you don’t see every day.   We have hundreds of other winter products on the site. I’m not sure if they’re all included in the big sale (the announcement only featured these six) but one thing’s for sure: no matter where you look on our site, you’ll find top-quality products at a price that can’t be beat. Stay safe, friends.