How Effective are Heat Protection Products
With the temperatures climbing in the midwest, we thought you might find recent reviews of some of our heat stress products helpful. For the MiraCool Cooling Bandanas: These are wonderful! My bandana stayed cool for 3 days straight. The package said to expect it to last 2, so I was very inpressed! All of our employees love them and say they can really tell a difference. - M Davis; Gray, GA These cooling bandanas really work. I wear one whenever I go biking to keep from getting overheated. - Andy Jones; San Luis Obispo, CA Excellent product! I use them for summertime yardwork. - George P.; TX These cooling bandanas are easy to use and keep my construction crew cool, even in the hot desert sun. - Pete; Las Vegas, NV I send care package to our troops in Afgan. These cooling bandanas got a big thumbs up - KCase; Lantana, FLORIDA