PAPR Systems in the Workplace

For about 25 years, powered air-purifying respirators have been used whenever workers were exposed to a high level of contamination or required a higher assigned protection factor. The use of PAPRs in the workplace has increased for a number of reasons. Today users want a higher level of protection and know alot more about environmental hazards.

One of the biggest reasons why users are switching to PAPRs is because of there latest advancements and designs. Today's PAPRs provide ultimate comfort and easy donning but most importantly, PAPR systems are easier to breathe through than other respiratory products on the market. Employees who work for longer shifts like the comfort of breathing through a PAPR, which translates into a higher degree of productivity.

OSHA has assigned PAPRs a much higher protection factor. For example: a stand-alone full-face negative-pressure air-purifying respirator has an OSHA APF of 50, while the same same full-face respirator carries an APF of 1,000 when used as a part of a PAPR system.

PAPRs many be the best respiratory protection for some workers, in terms of higher protection, increased comfort, longer-term protection and better job productivity. Enviro Safety Products can help you explore your options and compare respirators to find the best PAPR System that best suites your application.