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Powered Air Respirators (PAPR)

Powered Air Respirators (PAPR) use a motorized air source to filter and clean ambient air before it is delivered to the user. Powered Air Respirators systems can use many different filters such as HEPA, Vapor protection or simple particulate filtration. Powered Air Respirators delivery a cooler and easier breathing experience than standard respirators.

Don't forget we also stock a full line of 3m respirators and other breathing protection products for all of your industrial safety needs.

Top Selling Products

Gas, Vapor & Particulate systems

PAPR systems that can filter out Gas, Vapor and Particulates include the 3M GVP and 3M BreathEasy systems. Both of these systems offer a wide selection of mounting and headgear options. With the GVP system offering the widest range of choices for comfort, protection and easy of use. The GVP series also offers the L-5 and L-7 PAPR series that are either bumpcap or hardhat respectively.

Particulate systems

Particulate PAPR systems filter particulates. The Trend AirShield and Trend Air Shield pro system is a common system that is highly popular with Woodworkers.

Welding systems

Welding applications and PAPR systems go hand in hand with comfort, and added productivity. With traditional helmets and 3M dust masks, extended welding sessions can be hot and tiring. With a speedglas Adflo system, welders can enjoy top level welding protection, and a cooler, more comfortable welding experience. And when you are more comfortable, it's easier to concentrate on quality work!

HazMat systems

Homeland Security and HazMat responders need protection from a variety of hazardous materials. From Vapors to WMD. The 3M First Responders PAPR full face respirators combined with Tychem products can provide effective barriers to toxic chemicals.

Hooded systems

Hooded systems provide the user with a lightweight positive air pressure area that keeps filtered air in, and pushes contaminated air out.

Face Mask systems

Facemask systems provide protection by directly sealing against the face of the user, and offer positive seal protection against contaminants.

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