Spotlight on the PELTOR Wireless Communication Accessory

Today we’re looking at an interesting new accessory as part of our PELTOR spotlight series. 3M has unveiled a wireless earmuff Bluetooth accessory to make your workday that much easier. Compatible with the X Series of PELTOR earmuffs, the cushion accessory is like any other replacement ear cushion. What is has extra, however, is a microphone and speaker that allows you to maintain communication with your team. This is a revolutionary product that can restructure workflow by allowing for easier movement of information.

Think of it as a stripped-down version of the elaborate communications sets we’ve shown here before, minus the voice-guided menus, densely structured frequency selection, and all those other bells and whistles. All that’s here is a simple mic and speaker that connects through Bluetooth with your external device, whether it’s a phone or a walkie-talkie or whatever else. This enables full conversations without interfering with your hearing protection. It’s all too common to see a worker in a loud area lift their ear cup to hear what their colleague or supervisor is saying, thereby exposing themselves to potentially dangerous noise. That’s unacceptable, yet many feel like there’s not much to be done about the noise problem, even with the sophisticated products that PELTOR offers.

The downside of PELTOR’s tech-heavy communication headsets is obvious: they’re expensive! The average construction manager can’t afford a $200+ headset for every single worker. The cushion accessory provides an imperfect solution to this problem by serving as a means of direct connection between team members that doesn’t have to break the bank. Important updates can be distributed in seconds across the work area, so no one’s out of the loop.

The accessory is designed to be easily wearable for hours at a time, integrated as it is into the supportive cushion itself. It’s resistant to harsh conditions in the environment, be they from sweat, rain, or whatever else the day throws at it. As for the noise, whether it’s from a jackhammer, a crane, grinding metal, or a roaring engine, you’ll be safely ensconced in a protective layer of comfort that lets you hear what you want to hear.

Workers shouldn’t have to expose their ears to hazardous noise to get the information they need to do their job, and hearing protection shouldn’t also isolate you from your work community. With this wireless accessory, these apparently irreconcilable situations have an elegant and permanent solution.

Keep in mind that this product is sold separately from the actual headset itself, and hygiene kits (also sold separately) are available to help keep it in top working condition.