Scotchlite Hard Hat Decals

I think you know the drill by now: 3M offers an exciting new product, we introduce it here before or right as we roll it out in the store. Today we’re looking at a convenient solution to visibility problems in low-light situations. Scotchlite Reflective Striping is here to supplement your existing visibility program with a durable and stylish new accessory for your hard hats. 3M has been innovating retroreflective technology for decades at this point, and their Scotchlite brand is a standard-bearer for the whole industry. It comes in many varieties, colors, and quantities, but now for the first time they’re putting out a specifically designed set of reflective decals just for hard hats.

Retroreflectivity is a specific kind of refraction that bounces light off of a surface and sends it directly back to its source. This is contrasted with mirror reflection, which bounces the light in another direction, and diffuse reflection, which scatters the light in all directions. Both are visible but not as effectively as a surface that sends light directly back to you. It’s hi-viz protection specifically designed for nighttime application, as opposed to the infamous neon fluorescent tones that are typically associated with hi-viz.

This Scotchlite product comes in a kit featuring three decals: one for the back and two for the sides of the hat. Promotional material specifies the H-700 and H-800 hat series as being compatible with the striping, but these are literally just stickers that should adhere to any hard hat, 3M or otherwise. They take the form of two narrow triangles (4.7 square inches) that goes on the sides and an upturned chevron-like shape (3.2 square inches) that goes on the back. The shapes of the decals serve a purpose: they conform to the curve of the hat and point towards the front and top of the hat, respectively. If you’re in the dark and light bounces off of them you should be able to tell that they are attached to a hat.

The decal surfaces are tested to maintain their brightness after extensive heat exposure, so you won’t have to worry about them being effective after a long day in the sun. These are rugged and durable, just as you’ve come to expect from 3M’s head protection line. Get yours today!