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ChemMax 3 Coverall - Attached Hood & Boots - 6 Units per Case


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Lakeland Coverall C3T150 - 6 Units per Case
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Lakeland Industries provides an advanced chemical protection line for industrial, emergency response and law enforcement called the ChemMax 3.

The ChemMax 3 is designed with the latest technology to provide a superior product. Quality-made and guaranteed durability. Its lightweight structure offers a barrier against a wide range of toxic industrial chemicals, dual use chemicals, chemical warfare agents and other harmful contaminants.

Constructed with a multi-layer film that is applied to a heavy polypropylene non-woven for an increase in strength and durability. Its barrier film is significantly softer than other products on the market offering more comfort than most protective wear and resulting in a more quiet & sufficient style safety line.

ChemMax 3 garments give you the confidence you need in safety and the trust you expect. Protect your team by doing the best to secure them from the dangers that may possibly lurk around.


  • Style: ChemMax 3 Coverall - C3T150
  • Attached hood and boots
  • Storm flap over zipper
  • Elastic wrists and face


  • 1. ChemMax 3 is not flame resistant and should not be used around heat, flame sparks, or in potentially flammable or explosive environments.
  • 2. Garments made of ChemMax 3 should have slip resistant or anti-slip materials on the outer surface of boots, shoe covers or other garment surfaces in conditions where slipping could occur.

Note: Chemical Resistance Data is in accordance with ASTM F-739 test method. Testing is performed on fabric samples only, not finished garments. Sources for all test data are independent laboratory conditions and not actual use conditions.

Protective Clothing Seam Type

Serged Seam This is a simple stitched seam. It is economical, but is generally not used for chemical/splash/liquid type protection as the seams are not designed to resist liquids. It is designed for dry materials/dusts.

Sewn and Bound Seam These seams are serged, and then an overlay is chain stitched through all the layers. This provides resistance to liquid invasion, and is appropriate for liquid threats.

Heat Sealed Seam The seam is sewn and then sealed with a heat activated tape. This method provides liquid proof seams, and is used for environments where contact, not splash risk is present. i.e. you might immerse your foot or leg in the liquid by accident briefly.

Heat Sealed Plus Seam – Same as the heat sealed seam, but it is also sealed on the inside of the suit as well providing extra protection. .

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