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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order quantity?
Yes. Logo orders start with 24 vests or more.  The more you order, the greater savings we can pass on to you!

How many colors can I have on my custom logo order?
Two and Three color logos are common.  You can however, have up to six colors in your artwork!

Where can I place my custom vest or jacket logo
You can have your logo printed in many locations. These locations may include right and left breast pocket, bottom left and right pocket, and most anywhere you'd like on the back of your Vest, shirt or Jacket.

How long do orders take?
Once we have your approved artwork in the proper format, and you've signed the proof, delivery can happen in as soon as 1 week.

What file format do you need?
We need vector art for your logo. If you don't have vector art, we can help you with either creating it or converting artwork that you already have for a modest fee.

Are imprint orders refundable?
Logo orders are non-refundable. You will be given a proof to sign-off before production begins.

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