Honeywell 975638 ER5000 5-Minute Escape Breathing Apparatus EBA-5

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Honeywell 975638 ER5000 5-Minute Escape Breathing Apparatus EBA-5
Honeywell 975638 ER5000 5-Minute Escape Breathing Apparatus Honeywell ER5000 Escape Breathing Apparatus Every second counts. That's why Honeywell designed an advanced emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus that's so easy to use, it can be donned and functioning in seconds. Available in 5-minute, 10-minute, and 5-minute high flow durations. The Honeywell ER5000 supplies five (EBA-5) or ten (EBA-10) minutes of emergency breathing air, giving your workers the time they need to safely escape from toxic or oxygen-deficient atmospheres. The assembled device is fully contained in a carry pouch and is composed of a refillable cylinder, valve and pressure gauge assembly, breathing tube, protective air hood, and regulator. For escape situations that require greater exertion (walking up stairs, climbing, etc.) Honeywell offers an EBA (EBA-HF5) with higher air flow for more comfortable breathing. It features a 5-minute, 15 cubic foot, lightweight aluminum cylinder and a regulator that delivers air to the hood at the higher flow rate of 72 liters per minute.


Available in 5- and 10-minute duration as well as 5-minute high flow Comfortable loose fitting hood fits easily over eyeglasses, full beards, or hard hats. Escape apparatus does not require fit testing. Innovative "T" design allows the hood to sit off user's face while offering 360 degree field of vision Durable and resistant to temperature extremes Versatile and rugged carry pouch included Regulator swivels 360 degrees, allowing for full range of motion and eliminating snag points Spring reinforced breathing tube prevents kinking of tube so airflow won't be restricted Optional wall mount bracket or storage case available NIOSH approved
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