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  1. Pelican Case 1150

    SKU: PEP1150

  2. Pelican Case 1400

    SKU: PEP1400NF

  3. Pelican Case 1120

    SKU: PEP1120

  4. Pelican Case 1200

    SKU: PEP1200

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  5. Pelican Case 1300

    SKU: PEP1300

  6. Pelican 1095 HardBack Case

    SKU: PEP1095

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Also known as Pelican Camera Cases, these protective cases feature the same heavy-duty protective qualities as large pelican cases. These cases are great for smaller electronic items such as cameras, radios, camera flashes, surveying equipment, weather meters and more. Like other pelican cases, these cases are virtually indestructible with a hard polypropylene construction that will withstand being dropped and stepped on. The heavy-duty folding carrying handle is easy to grip and won't slip out of your hand. Small Pelican Cases also feature an o-ring seal on the inside of the lid that resists liquids and moisture from entering. These cases are available with optional Pick 'N' Pluck foam that allows you to customize the layout of your case to specifically fit your gear. Pelican Camera cases are also available in a wide range of colors (the most of any size case), including black, orange, yellow, blue, desert tan and od green to fit your specific style.

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