Peltor ComTac Selection Guide

How to find the right Peltor ComTac Model

Choosing a Peltor Com-Taccommunication system can be somewhat confusing. But with the help of this guide, you will be able to select the proper Com-Tac headset for your needs. By answering the following questions, you will know which headset to choose.

  1. How many radio's do I need to use (None, One or Two)?
  2. What band style do I want (Headband, Neck-Band, Hat Mounted)?
  3. What Color do I need?
  4. Do I need listen only, or two way Coms?

Headset Band Type

  • "A" = Over the Head Style
  • "B" = Behind the Neck Style
  • "F" = Folding Headset Style
  • "P3E" = Hard Hat/Helmet Mount Style
  • "MT" = 2 Way Communication Style
  • "HT" = Listen Only Style

Headset Colors

  • "CY" = Coyote Brown
  • "FG" = Forest Green
  • "GN" = Olive Drab Green
  • "SV" = Black/Swat-Tac Style

Comm Styles

  • "-47" = Single Comm
  • "-19" = Dual Comm Two Lead
  • "-49" = Dual Comm - Single Lead

ComTac Products & Categories

Peltor Comtac systems are commonly ordered based upon the number of radio's that can be attached to the system. ComTac III and SwatTac (The same as Comtac III Black headsets), allow for no-comms, single-comms, and dual comms attachments. The dual comm systems can come with 2 downleads, or a single dual downlead with split audio. Each of these types of headsets come in variations of mounting options ranging from standard headband, to ACH mounted, neck band versions and finally hard hat type mounting systems. The below categories, split into non-comm, single comm and dual comm types, will help you to locate the product you and your team needs. Once you have located your product, give us a call, and we'll help you to locate and order thr correct adapter cable for your system and radios.

Peltor Active Protection Systems

Integrated/Litecom Radio Systems

Peltor Lite-Com hearing protection provides integrated radio communication across standard BRS channels and subchannels. Each of the below versions of lite-com offer additional features and channels as you upgrade. The Lite-Com system is intended for industrial or personal use, and does not require licensing for the standard BRS channels. The more advanced models have channels that can be programmed, but does require site licensing for the radio channels in use.

Peltor Military/Law Enforcement/Professional Hearing Protection

Peltor ComTac and Swat-Tac headsets provide protection for users in combat or shooting environments where communication via voice and radio is critical, and yet loud impulse noises that can deafen users is a threat. Offered in Single and Dual communication models which allow for one or two separate radio's respectively. Additionally, offered in a "hearing defender" model, that can be used for gun ranges or for troops/personel who do not require or use radios. The "Hearing Defender" model is simply a ComTac headset with no leads or connections that allow a radio to be connected. For more information on how to select ComTac models, you can click here

Where is Swat-Tac? The Swat-Tac line is simply ComTac in black - and the Swat-Tac name is slowly being changed over to the ComTac name.

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