3M GVP-Series Hoods H-Series

3M GVP H-Series hoods can be used with a breathing tube, Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) assembly and filtering device to complete a NIOSH-approved system. You can select the hood that best meets the needs of your application.

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At Enviro Safety Products, it’s our mission to keep your company OSHA-compliant by providing the most rigorously tested, effective and safe personal protective equipment on the market. You’ll find a wide selection of 3M™ hood assemblies and replacement parts in our online catalog – and you’ll discover the Enviro Safety Products way of doing business: we save you money while helping you keep your employees safe. All the affordable 3M H-series hoods and components listed are currently in stock unless otherwise noted; that way, you can shop with confidence. We invite you to browse our collection of 3M™ headgear to find exactly what you need today.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers to protect their employees from workplace hazards – and that’s why Enviro Safety Products offers occupational respiration products like 3M H-Series hoods that meet or exceed the OSHA respiratory protection safety standards listed in 29 CFR 1910.134.

3M H-Series Hoods in the Workplace

3M H-Series hoods and accessories are designed to be used with 3M GVP hip- worn powered air purifying respirators. Clean, breathable air runs through a reusable breathing tube connected to the air inlet located on the back of each H-Series hood.

Ideal for spray painting and coating operations, fiberglass and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and many more operations that involve mists, fogs and particulates, H-Series hoods are a cost-effective way for employers to shield employees from respiratory hazards.

3M headgear is designed to work with 3M GVP belt-mounted PAPR systems and 3M supplied air respirator systems. Made of durable and reliable Tychem fabric, each H-Series hood has been specially crafted to allow easier breathing and a higher level of respiratory protection.

H-Series hoods feature U-shaped face shields to accommodate eyeglasses and facial hair while providing exceptional peripheral and downward fields of vision; the unique airflow design helps prevent the accumulation of fog, which helps workers perform their tasks more safely and more efficiently. Shoulder-length shrouds ensure additional protection from airborne hazards in the workplace.

H-Series Hoods: Up to the Challenge

DuPont’s patented Tychem fabric is rigorously tested for safety by a third-party laboratory and is known to withstand hundreds of toxic liquids and vapors, from chlorine to sarin gas. Each H-Series hood meets the requirements of ANSI standard Z89.12003, Type 1, Class E head protection.

Thousands of employers choose 3M H-Series hoods because they’re reliable, they’ve been proven effective and they’re affordable – and they may be right for your employees, too.

Proper Use of 3M H-Series Hoods

3M H-Series hoods are designed to mitigate workplace risk and protect employees from airborne hazards. OSHA requires employers to create, implement and enforce a program that teaches employees the proper use, care and maintenance of H-Series hoods.

It’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure that employees understand improper use of H-Series hoods results in reduced performance. In addition to creating and distributing a written respiratory protection program, employers must also:

* provide a medical evaluation to determine each employee’s ability to wear and use a respirator before being fit-tested or required to wear a respirator * provide employees with properly fitted, NIOSH-certified respirators by conducting tests with a fit-test kit * designate a specific program administrator to oversee the entire program and periodically evaluate the program for effectiveness * provide employees with respirator training that pertains specifically to each workplace hazard employees may face * update the respiratory protection program as necessary, such as when new hazards are introduced or when new personnel come in

Ordering 3M H-Series Hoods and Replacement Components from Enviro Safety Products

Enviro Safety Products is the largest PAPR distributor in the United States, and as such, we’re able to offer 3M H-Series hoods and their individual components at extremely affordable prices. Once you’ve chosen the 3M headgear you need, simply click “Add to Cart." Proceed to our secure online checkout, and our automated system will instantly begin to process your order; as soon as your order is processed, we’ll ship your H-Series hoods and components directly to the address you’ve provided.

Each member of our staff is up-to-date on the latest OSHA standards and has extensive knowledge of each of our products because we conduct intensive training twice monthly. If you have any questions about 3M H-Series hoods, or if you would like assistance placing your order, call our customer service representatives at (800)637-6606.

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