3M Versaflo TR-600 Series

Enviro Safety Products is pleased to offer its customers the new 3M Versaflo TR-600 Series (PAPR) Powered Air Purifying Respirators. 3M's powered air purifying respirator systems are designed for use in demanding environments. The TR-600 Series is constructed with a contoured fit for greater movement in tight work spaces. Benefits include: multiple airflow rate options for user comfort, ergonomically designed fit for easy-wear, multiple belt size adjustments & extenders for user preference, belt design with flexible air channels help provide widely convenient support, easy tool-free maintenance, color-indicated touch points, low-flow and low-battery alarms. Battery charge and particulate filter loading status indicators meet IP53 rating while in use in decontamination shower. Also Meets IP67 rating when used with cleaning and storage plugs to enable full submersion for easy clean-up and decontamination and Pre-calibration makes product ready to use, directly out of the box. Check out the 3M Versaflo TR-600 Introduction Video for highlights on this amazing PAPR Series.
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  1. 3M™ Versaflo™ Healthcare PAPR Kit TR-600-HKL 1 ea/Case

    SKU: 3MMTR-600-HKL

    Special Price $1,149.99 Regular Price $1,249.99
  2. 3M™ Versaflo™ Healthcare PAPR Kit TR-600-HKS, 1 ea/Case

    SKU: 3MMTR-600-HKS

    Special Price $1,349.99 Regular Price $1,999.99
  3. 3M™ Versaflo™ Length Adjusting Breathing Tube BT-30

    SKU: 3MMBT-30

    Special Price $64.99 Regular Price $72.00
  4. 3M™ Versaflo TR-6510N Organic Vapor/HEPA Cartridge for TR-600 and TR-800 PAPR (Case of 1)

    SKU: 3MMTR-6510N

    Special Price $89.99 Regular Price $100.00
  5. 3M™ Versaflo TR-6530N Organic Vapor/Acid Gas HEPA Cartridge for TR-600 and TR-800 PAPR (1 Each)

    SKU: 3MMTR-6530N

    Special Price $99.99 Regular Price $140.00
  6. 3M™ Versaflo TR-6360N Ammonia/Methylamine/HEPA Cartridge for TR-600 and TR-800 PAPR (Case of 5)

    SKU: 3MMTR-6360N

    Special Price $599.99 Regular Price $640.00
  7. 3M™ Versaflo™ Cleaning & Storage Kit TR-653/37373 (AAD), for TR-600/800 PAPR

    SKU: 3MMTR-653

    Special Price $25.99 Regular Price $34.99
  8. 3M™ Versaflo™ Filter Cover TR-6500FC, for TR-6500 Series Cartridges

    SKU: 3MMTR-6500FC

    Special Price $13.99 Regular Price $16.99
  9. 3M™ Retrofit CO Monitor Kit W-2808/37027(AAD)

    SKU: 3MMW-2808

  10. 3M™ Versaflo™ M-206 Respiratory Faceshield Assembly, with Comfort Faceseal

    SKU: 3MMM-206

    Special Price $214.99 Regular Price $241.67
  11. 3M™ Versaflo™ Respiratory Faceshield Assembly M-207, with Flame Resistant Faceseal

    SKU: 3MMM-207

    Special Price $219.99 Regular Price $277.67
  12. 3M™ Versaflo™ HEPA and Nuisance OV/AG Filter TR-6820N/37360(AAD), for TR-600 PAPR 5 EA/Case

    SKU: 3MMTR-6820N

    Special Price $259.99 Regular Price $317.00
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