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Streamlight Flashlights

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Streamlight manufactures tactical, weapon mount & safety rated flashlights, lanterns & headlamps for firefighters, military & general applications. Flashlights are used for a variety reasons and made in versatile designs. Useful in any situation or environment where light is needed directly on a specific space or area. It can also be used to improve sight in dark locations where light is unavailable. A few of the most common styles of flashlights include: pen-sized flashlights, headlamps, tactical lights, disposable flashlights, keyring lights, non-incendive/intrinsically safe/explosion proof flashlights, inspection flashlights and so on. We are pleased to provide the best quality flashlights to our customers to offer the best protection & safety necessary when light is valuable. Known for their top selling lines of flashlights including Stinger, Dualie ProTrac Strion and Vulcan Streamlight continues to manufacture the flashlight you can depend on.

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  1. Streamlight Super Tac Flashlight | 88700

    SKU: STG88700

    Special Price $79.99 Regular Price $92.07
  2. Streamlight Trident Headlamp

    SKU: STG61050

    Special Price $23.99 Regular Price $36.99
  3. Streamlight Stinger LED HL

    SKU: STG75432

    Special Price $109.99 Regular Price $165.99
  4. Streamlight Survivor LED Flashlight with Charger

    SKU: STG90503

  5. Streamlight Survivor LED Flashlight - Alkaline Model

    SKU: STG90540

    Special Price $55.99 Regular Price $69.80
  6. Streamlight 4AA LED Flashlight with LEDs

    SKU: STG68202

    Special Price $29.99 Regular Price $41.99
  7. Streamlight ARGO LED Headlamp 61301

    SKU: STG61301

    Special Price $29.99 Regular Price $47.99
  8. Streamlight Septor LED Headlamp Impact and Water Resistant

    SKU: STG61052

    Special Price $29.99 Regular Price $37.87
  9. Streamlight Stinger DS LED Flashlight with AC/DC Charger

    SKU: STG75813

    Special Price $122.99 Regular Price $155.18
  10. Streamlight Stinger LED Flashlight with AC Charger

    SKU: STG75711

    Special Price $109.99 Regular Price $127.71
  11. Streamlight Stinger LED Flashlight with AC/DC Charger

    SKU: STG75713

    Special Price $119.95 Regular Price $144.05
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Items 1-20 of 269

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