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GTek Performance Gloves

On of the most important pieces of protection that often gets overlooked are work gloves. And for Material Handling, Box cutting and all around dexterity and comfortable gloves, G-Tek performance gloves are one of our most popular brands available. Enviro Safety is a proud distributor of G-Tek Performance Gloves for the dry or wet-conditions you may need for hand protection in the workplace or at home.

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  1. PIP G-Tek 33-B125 GP Seamless Knit Nylon Gloves (1 Dozen)

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  2. G-Tek NP Seamless Polyurethane Smooth Grip Glove

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  3. G-Tek HV Hi-Vis Polyurethane Coated Smooth Grip Glove

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  4. PIP 33-425OR G-Tek HV Seamless Polyurethane Coated Grip Glove 1/DZ

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In any task from chopping wood to dealing with extremely hazardous materials in challenging conditions, little more is as important as work gloves. G-Tek’s line of MaxiFlex, MaxiCut and MaxiDry Protective Industrial Products (PIP) performance gloves give an added measure of safety to you while in contact with materials the bare hand should not touch. Here you will find every glove in the G-TEK line to suit your specific needs. From high visibility gloves, to microfoam nitrile-coated gloves that offer full, driver, 3/4 or palm coatings and can also withstand cuts and abrasions without loss of sensitivity or dexterity, to nylon dry-use gloves which offer high grip.

What do the coating types mean?

  • Palm Coat A fully coated palm, with fingertips covered, but backs of fingers and hands open for great breathability.
  • 3/4 Coat A bit more coating than the Palm coat, the backs of the fingers up to the knuckle are coated including the palm and fingertips. This provides excellent breathability and a bit more protection for jobs where your hands and fingers are exposed.
  • Driver Coat The glove is fully coated up to the knitted wrist.
  • Full Coat A fully coated glove, from fingers to collar this glove is fully protected including the knitted wrist of the glove.

The G-Tek line of gloves offers products that are lightweight, offer heat resistance as well as oil and water resistance and can be machine washed. Their snug-fitting cuffs prevent slippage. Made with Dyneema which is a brand of polyethylene fibers 10 to 15 times stronger than steel, G-Tek gloves can withstand metal stamping, oily metal sheets, cable handling, as well as sharp-edged sheets or non-deburred parts, these gloves are more durable than polyester and 40% stronger than aramid fiber. When you have dangerous materials at your fingertips, G-Tek will make sure you come from your workplace with two thumbs up. In the end, G-Tek and Enviro Safety has you covered.

There is no debating the necessity of protective gloves in any facet of industry in which harm can come from one’s hands being exposed while in a workplace or on-site in an emergency situation. In fact, Section 5 (a) (1) of the OSHA Act covers the general requirements of the determination and implementation of a PPE program. Section 5 (a) (2) then requires employers to “comply” with the standards that are outlined in the Act. They have published standards for eye, ear, head, foot as well as hand protective equipment guidelines.

With G-Tek’s line of protective gloves, an investment in hand safety is made from the moment the protective gloves are worn on the job to when they are thrown in the washing machine in preparation for the next day’s uses. For use in wet conditions, G-Tek gloves are coated with micro-foam nitrile to provide lightweight and breathable protection while also preserving dexterity. In dry conditions, G-Tek gloves offer high grip as well as very good dexterity for the handling of large and small parts and tools.

The Maxi-Flex line offers Hi-Viz gloves for ultimate visibility and are also the first protective glove to incorporate NitriDot Technology to provide excellent dry grip. The MaxiFlex’s contoured shape offer the ultimate in fit and with high dexterity, sensitivity and tactility. The glove also reduces product contamination by being non-marking. All G-Tek gloves are pre-laundered to reduce extractables and produce minimal lint and dust. These gloves are also silicone free gloves and will not shrink or stiffen after washing as directed. Typical applications for the MaxiFlex nylon glove include handling small oily parts and components, general assembly gloves, machining gloves, micro-engineering hand protection, automotive components, painting and horticulture. The MaxiFlex line is available in nylon, nitrile coated, dyneema and nitrile-coated dyneema. The nitrile-coated gloves are treated to repel water and light oil, and some even offer high-cut protection.

The G-Tek MaxiDry line of protective gloves are nitrile coated and chemical resistant, but not at the expense of sensitivity and dexterity. The MaxiDry glove’s liner is made of seamless knit nylon which offers lightweight comfort. The outside of the glove utilizes a 100% chemically and oil resistant blended polymer for maximum protection, while the exclusive GripTech non-slip coating on the palms and fingertips provides secure handling of wet and oily parts. When working in environments that include chemical sampling, offshore petroleum, pharmaceutical manufacturing, fertilizer/pesticide handling, and other environments where dangerous chemicals are present, the MaxiDry glove is ideal. The MaxiDry glove is offered with full nitrile coating, ¾ coating or palm coating. Each glove has snug fitting cuffs and are offered in 10 and 12-inch lengths.

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