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Arc Flash Protection

Electrical work requires a steady hand and mind, but fears about arc flash safety can shake anyone up. Enviro’s collection of arc flash PPE, electrical safety equipment and tools features the strongest head-to-toe protection against this serious hazard so nothing interrupts your focus. Gear up with full-body arc flash kits and equip yourself with specially insulated tools for comprehensive electrical safety. Featuring fire-resistant materials and custom-fit options, this round-up of electrical personal protective equipment is sure to have the gear to meet your arc flash safety needs. Find the protection to put arc flash worries to rest with electrical safety equipment Shop all the top ARC Flash Brands, From Chicago Protective Apparel, National Safety Apparel, and Salisbury Arc Flash Protection.
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  1. NSA KITGC00 Class 00 Black Rubber Voltage Glove Kit


    Special Price $102.99 Regular Price $109.99
  2. NSA KITGC00-Y Class 00 Yellow Rubber Voltage Glove Kit


    Special Price $102.99 Regular Price $109.99
  3. NSA H12HTHAT 12 cal/cm² PureView™ Faceshield with Hard Hat Slotted Adapter


    Special Price $133.99 Regular Price $139.99
  4. NSA TCG012002 TECGEN SELECT FR Work Shirt Orange

    SKU: NSATCG012002

    As low as $64.47
  5. NSA TCG021608 8 cal TECGEN SELECT FR Coveralls

    SKU: NSATCG021608

    As low as $125.36
  6. NSA C21IF05W Navy Heavyweight Women's Zip Front FR Sweatshirt

    SKU: NSAC21IF05W

    As low as $128.14
  7. NSA TCGSSWN00115 Women's TECGEN SELECT FR Work Shirt


    As low as $125.36
  8. NSA DF2-450C-CA-NB DRIFIRE 4.4 FR Coverall

    SKU: NSADF2-450C-CA-NB

    As low as $176.21
  9. NSA C21HC03C3 VIZABLE FR Hi-Vis Pullover Sweatshirt Type R Class 3

    SKU: NSAC21HC03C3

    As low as $167.14
  10. NSA C21IF03 Heavyweight Pullover FR Sweatshirt

    SKU: NSAC21IF03

    As low as $129.79
  11. NSA DF2-AX3-324LS-HY DRIFIRE Hi-Vis Work Shirt, Type R Class 3

    SKU: NSADF2-AX3-324LS-HY

    As low as $124.90
  12. NSA TCG01150 TECGEN SELECT FR Work Shirt Grey

    SKU: NSATCG01150

    As low as $65.47
  13. NSA TCG021508 8 cal TECGEN SELECT FR Coveralls

    SKU: NSATCG021508

    As low as $125.36
  14. CPA 32-Cal Arc Flash Jacket and Bib Kit - Level 3

    SKU: CPAAG32-

    Special Price $679.79 Regular Price $692.99
  15. NSA TCGSCWN00116 Women's TECGEN Select FR Coverall


    As low as $125.36
  16. NSA C21IF05 Navy Heavyweight Zip Front FR Sweatshirt

    SKU: NSAC21IF05

    As low as $128.14
  17. NSA DWH1100 Class 00 Black Rubber Voltage Gloves 1 Pair

    SKU: NSADWH1100

    Special Price $59.99 Regular Price $69.99
  18. NSA DWH1100-R Class 00 Red Rubber Voltage Gloves 1 Pair

    SKU: NSADWH1100-R

    Special Price $59.99 Regular Price $69.99
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301 Items

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Arc Flash Protection

Our entire selection of arc flash clothing and protective equipment meet OSHA and NFPA 70 Standards. Items here include Arc Flash Kits, Arc Flash Coveralls, Carbon X Underwear and more.

What is NFPA 70E?
Determining the required protection level might be confusing. If you're not sure what protection level you need ask your employer. For additional information on staying compliant, read our articles on Arc Flash Hazard Risk Categories and NFPA 70E Standards.

Personal Protective Equipment can safe your life. In as little as .001 of a second, and electrical arc flash fire can exceed temperatures of 20,000 C, and explode with molten metal, and oxidized copper gas, and other dangerous gasses. With the proper procedures and protections, it is possible reduce the chance of a Arc Flash Injury. Arc Flash is often measured in cal/cm2 – and levels over 4 can cause third degree burns and ignite conventional clothing immediately.

A successful arc flash plan involves a site survey, and proper arc flash clothing like gloves, pants, arc flash masks and arc flash shirts. For more intense environments kits are available along with jackets.

For a more complete setup, consider Arc Flash Kits that combine ratings and equipment necessary to protect you from environments where Arc Flash is a hazard. These Personal Protective Equipment packages (PPE) are designed with 12-Cal to 74-Cal ratings to resist the intense and short duration energy emitted by an Arc Flash Event. Protection from Arc Flash is critical in many electrical industry environments.

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