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Arc Flash Gloves

Arc Flash Gloves

Leather Cover Gloves as well as Rubber Insulating Gloves are the most important form of protection of all arc flash clothing. We carry a large selection of electrical arc flash gloves. Select your level of protection below. These protective gloves range in protection from 500 A/C Volts up to 36,000 A/C volts. 

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  1. 12" High Voltage Leather Protector Gloves


    As low as $22.63
  2. 14" High Voltage Leather Protector Gloves


    As low as $23.71
  3. Rubber Insulated Electrical Gloves 1000 Volt

    SKU: PIP147-0-11

    Special Price $51.99 Regular Price $59.99
  4. Rubber Insulated Electrical Gloves 7500 Volt

    SKU: PIP147-1-14

    Special Price $89.99 Regular Price $99.99
  5. 16" High Voltage Leather Protector Gloves


    As low as $24.78
  6. Rubber Insulated Electrical Gloves 26500 Volt

    SKU: STARLG316

  7. CPA 14 Inch Indura Ultra Soft Arc Flash Gloves

    SKU: CPASW-234

  8. MCR LineMaster Goatskin Leather Cover Gloves with Nylon Pull Strap & Hi-Vis Gauntlet 12/Pairs

    SKU: MCR40409

    Special Price $97.19 Regular Price $107.99
  9. PIP 147-00-11 Rubber Insulated Electrical Gloves 500 Volt

    SKU: PIP147-00-11

    Special Price $48.79 Regular Price $79.99
  10. LineMaster Cow Grain Leather Cover Gloves

    SKU: MCR40009

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13 Items

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Electrical Glove Classification:

Electrical protective gloves are categorized by the level of voltage protection provided, which are rated by Class. Ozone resistance is noted by Type. Type I gloves are not ozone resistant. Type II gloves are resistant to ozone.

  • Class 00 - 500 Volts Maximum
  • Class 0 - 1,000 Volts Maximum
  • Class 1 - 7,500 Volts Maximum
  • Class 2 - 17,000 Volts Maximum
  • Class 3 - 26,5000 Volts Maximum
  • Class 4 - 36,000 Volts Maxium

We carry a full line of Double Insulated Tool Kits tested to 10,000 VAC for certified use at 1,000 VAC / 1,500 VDC.

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