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Lockout - Tagout

Maintaining effective lockout/tagout procedures and systems for your facility not only meets OSHA requirements but also protects your employees and business. Here you will find a wide assortment of equipment, including complete kits, Master Lock padlocks, training, and more. With our large selection, you will find everything you need for a safe lockout/tagout program.

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  1. Do Not Operate I.D. Tags 6 Bags/Case

    SKU: MAS497AX

  2. Masterlock Electrical Personal Lockout Pouch

    SKU: MAS1456E410

  3. Personal Lockout Pouch with Padlocks and Tags

    SKU: MAS1456P410KA

  4. Personal Electrical Lockout Kit

    SKU: MAS1457E410KA

  5. Personal Valve Lockout Kit

    SKU: MAS1457V410KA

  6. Group Electrical Lockout Kits

    SKU: MAS1458E410

  7. Group Valve Lockout Kits

    SKU: MAS1458V410

  8. Group Valve and Electrical Lockout Kit

    SKU: MAS1458VE410

  9. English/Spanish Padlock Station - 4-Lock Station

    SKU: MAS1482BP410ES

  10. English/Spanish Padlock Station - 10-Lock Station

    SKU: MAS1483BP410ES

  11. English/Spanish Padlock Station - 20-Lock Station

    SKU: MAS1484BP410ES

  12. Heavy Duty Padlock Rack - Small

    SKU: MASS1506

  13. Heavy Duty Padlock Rack - Large

    SKU: MASS1518

  14. Compact Lockout Center

    SKU: MASS1705P410

  15. Electrical Compact Lockout Center

    SKU: MASS1720E410

  16. Compact Lockout Center with Electrical plug lockout

    SKU: MASS1745E410

  17. Electrical Lockout Station

    SKU: MASS1850E410

  18. Valve Lockout Station

    SKU: MASS1850V410

  19. Deluxe Lockout Station

    SKU: MASS1900VE410

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Items 1-20 of 65

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