Eye Wash Stations

Your safety and health depend upon how quickly you receive treatment in the event of an accidental chemical exposure. Emergency eye wash stations are an important component to providing necessary treatment in a timely fashion.

Each eye wash station has its own unique features that will benefit your workers when eye first aid is needed. There are two types of eye wash stations: plumbed eye wash stations and portable eye wash stations. All eye wash stations we sell are ANSI compliant and will effectively wash chemicals, dust and other nuisances from your eyes.

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  1. Fendall Porta Stream III Freeze Protected Eyewash Station

    SKU: FEN32-000310

  2. EyeSaver Eye and Face Wash


  3. GravityFlo Portable Eyewash

    SKU: SPKSE-4300-SHOT

  4. Combination Eyewash & Drench Hose


  5. Ster-Aide Water Preservative

    SKU: SPKSE-4210

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Plumbed Eye wash Station - These units are plumbed directly into a piped water source and delivers a continuous water flow from twin spray heads. These eye wash stations are activated using a highly visible push handle that can be operated with your eyes closed.

Portable Eye Wash Stations - These units are made with a built-in water reserve tank that does not need to be plumbed, and can be mounted to any wall surface. These eye wash stations are 100% portable and are ideal for work areas where continuous water flow is not readily available. With 15-minutes of water-flow, these units must be maintained after every use. They also meet ANSI Z358.1 2004 requirements.

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