HazMat Suits & Coveralls

HazMat Suits & Coveralls 

Protect yourself from harmful materials by using Enviro Safety Products’ extensive line of hazmat suits, from Class A models to disposable coveralls and chemical-resistant varieties. Our protective clothing provides the best in quality and care and is the key to keeping yourself protected against hazmat elements. This wide-range of products includes items that are disposable as well as durable. We offer a collection of Class A hazmat suits that comply with federal regulations and guard against disease with top-quality materials. Suit up and seal out chemicals and other harmful substances with our array of disposable hazmat clothing that meets Class A standards.



Comprehensive Coverage is Easy with HazMat Suits from Enviro

When working in an industry where there is a strong need for hazmat protective clothing, whether it’s Class A coveralls or chemical-resistant disposable gear, safety is the main priority. Our clothing is created to provide protection from hazmat materials and substances. The high quality of our suits and coveralls ensures a high performance level while retaining low, affordable prices. We keep our clothing accessible as we understand the need for safety. For the highest level of shielding, try a Class A hazmat suit. When more moderate coverage is needed, our line of disposable coveralls from ChemMax, Tychem and Tyvek are a great fit. Find the protective clothing that suits your work environment with our selection of chemical-resistant hazmat suits from Enviro Safety Products.

Seam Types

Serged Seams for dry protection

Serged Seam

A serged seam joins two pieces of material with a thread stitch that interlocks. This is an economical stitching method for general applications. Chemical protective clothing generally does not employ this stitching method. It is more commonly found on limited use clothing where dry particulates are of a concern.

Bound seams for liquid and dry protection

Sewn and Bound Seam

This seam joins two pieces of material with an overlay of similar material and is chain stitched through all of the layers for a clean, finished edge. This provides increased holdout of liquids and dry particulates.

sealed seams for level A and B protection

Heat Sealed Seam

A heat-sealed seam is sewn and then sealed with heat-activated tape. This method provides liquid-proof seams and is especially useful for Level A and B chemical protective clothing.
sealed seams for level A and B protection

Heat Sealed Plus Seam

This is the strongest seam offered. This seam is created by sewing and then heat-sealing the outside and inside to offer the highest strength and chemical resistance.