Ballistic Eyewear

Here you will find a large selection of Ballistic rated safety glasses and goggles.  We carry a large variety of brands for you to choose from.  Ballistic approved safety glasses protect against impact energies 4x higher than ANSI and CSA safety standards. That's a whole lot of eye protection!  Find the right pair of ballistic safety glasses that fits your style and needs today.

A pair of ballistic safety glasses offer added protection that most safety glasses don't. People serving in the any branch of the military and law enforcement can be subjected to objects projected towards them at dangerously high rates of speed. In order to protect their eyes from extreme hazards, the United States Military mandated a series of ballistic tests to all ballistic safety glasses, sunglasses and goggles worn by law enforcement and Armed Forces personnel today. 

All of our ballistic safety gasses pass Ballistic Resistance MIL-PRF 31013, which means they pass a Vo test using a 0.15 caliber, 5.8 grain, T37 shaped projectile at a velocity of 640 to 660 feet per second.  That is 4x the amount of force that normal safety glasses are tested at under ANSI Z87.1-2003.

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  1. Pyramex Safety - PMXTREME - Black Frame/Amber Lens with Black Cord Polycarbonate Safety Glasses - 12 / BX

    SKU: PYRSB6330SP-N

    Special Price $31.82 Regular Price $33.05
  2. Edge Baretti Safety Glasses - Yellow Lens

    SKU: EDGSB112

  3. Edge Baretti Safety Glasses - Blue Mirror Lens

    SKU: EDGSB118

  4. Edge Dakura Safety Glass - Copper Lens

    SKU: EDGSW115

  5. Edge Dakura Safety Glass - Silver Mirror Lens

    SKU: EDGSW117

  6. Uvex Bandit Safety Glasses - Espresso Lens 10/Box

    SKU: UVXS1603

    Special Price $7.82 Regular Price $17.58
  7. Uvex Genesis Safety Glasses - Clear Lens

    SKU: UVXS3200

    Special Price $9.14 Regular Price $18.77
  8. Uvex Genesis XC Safety Glasses - Gray Lens

    SKU: UVXS3301

    Special Price $10.43 Regular Price $19.94
  9. Uvex Genesis XC Safety Glasses - SCT Relfect 50 Lens

    SKU: UVXS3302

    Special Price $12.44 Regular Price $21.76
  10. Uvex Genesis XC Safety Glasses - Silver Mirror Lens

    SKU: UVXS3308

    Special Price $11.59 Regular Price $20.99
  11. Uvex Genesis XC Safety Glasses - Vermilion Lens

    SKU: UVXS3311X

    Special Price $11.76 Regular Price $21.14
  12. Uvex Protege Safety Glasses - Anti Fog Clear Lens (10/Box)

    SKU: UVXS4200X

    Special Price $6.76 Regular Price $16.62
  13. Uvex Protege Safety Glasses - Anti Fog Gray Lens

    SKU: UVXS4201X

    Special Price $6.50 Regular Price $16.38
  14. Genesis Safety Glasses with Earth Frame and Espresso Lens

    SKU: UVXS3221

    Special Price $11.49 Regular Price $20.90
  15. Genesis Safety Glasses with Vapor Blue Frame and Clear Lens

    SKU: UVXS3240

    Special Price $9.87 Regular Price $19.43
  16. ESS Striker Series Flight Deck Goggles in Gray

    SKU: EYE740-0333

  17. Pyramex V2G Black Frame/Amber Anti-Fog Lens

    SKU: PYRGB1830ST

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