Bifocal Safety Glasses

Bifocal Safety Glasses
Bifocal safety glasses are the perfect answer for those that need the protection of safety glasses and the magnification of bifocal reading glasses. We have bi focal safety glasses with different lens color options and strengths ranging from +1.50 to +3.0 magnification. All our Bifocal Safety Glasses and Safety Reading Glasses meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 requirements.

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  1. Pyramex EverLite Black Frame/GrayAntiFog Lens Safety Glasses 12/BX

    SKU: PYRSB8620DT-N

    Special Price $34.32 Regular Price $35.64
  2. AO Safety Nuvo Bifocal Safety Glasses - Clear Lens

    SKU: AOS11434

  3. AO Safety Virtua Readers Safety Glasses - Clear Anti-Fog Lens (Case of 20)

    SKU: AOS11513

    Special Price $84.99 Regular Price $104.99
  4. AO Safety Light Vision 2 LED Bi Focal Safety Glasses (Case of 10)

    SKU: AOS11477

    Special Price $194.99 Regular Price $247.65
  5. PIP MagReaders Bifocal Safety Glasses - Gray Lens

    SKU: PIP250-25-0115

  6. PIP MagReaders Bifocal Safety Glasses - Clear Lens

    SKU: PIP250-25-0015

  7. Mag-Safe C-2000 Bifocal Safety Glasses- Smoke Lens 1/DZ

    SKU: ANDCS150

    Special Price $55.99 Regular Price $69.99
  8. Pyramex V2 Readers Black Frame/Clear + 1.0 Lens

    SKU: PYRSB1810R10

  9. PIP Zenon Z12 Bifocal Safety Glasses with Gray Lens

    SKU: PIP250-27-0115

  10. Edge Zorge Bifocal Safety Glasses - Clear Lens

    SKU: EDGDZ111-1.5

  11. Radians C2 Bifocal Safety Glasses-Clear Lens 12 Pairs

    SKU: RADC2-1

    Special Price $72.79 Regular Price $104.99
  12. Mag-Safe Safety Glasses with Bifocals | Top Bifocal Safety Glasses

    SKU: ANDTF150

    Special Price $8.19 Regular Price $9.99
  13. Pyramex Black Frame/Clear Af 1.5 Reader Bottom Lens/ 3.0 Ir Filter Flip Lens

    SKU: PYRSB4960PR15

    Special Price $8.99 Regular Price $14.99
  14. MCR Engineer Bifocal Safety Glasses 1/DZ

    SKU: MCR61H

  15. MCR Tahoe Reading Safety Glasses 1/DZ

    SKU: MCR77H

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19 Items

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Keep yourself and your employees safe. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 36,680 nonfatal eye injuries reported in 2004. Nearly 61 percent of all work related eye injuries occurred in the manufacturing, construction, or retail industries.

Per OSHA, ordinary corrective lenses do not provide sufficient protection against occupational eye injuries. Employers must ensure that employees with prescription eyewear are provided with additional eye protection. Safety reading glasses and bi focal safety glasses are an excellent solution, combining the protection of safety glasses with the magnification of reading glasses.

Don't waste your money on prescription safety glasses if you only need reading glasses.  Our bifocal safety glasses feature lenses with built in reading lens. All or our bifocal safety glasses lenses are made from polycarbonate for impact protection and provide 99% UV protection. ANSI Z87.1 certified.

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