Child Safety Glasses

Safety Eyewear for Children
Don't forget to protect young children from eye dangers as they are prone to injuries, even in seemingly safe environments. We have safety glasses made specially to fit them as well! This eye protection collection features products designed for children. No more worrying if the glasses will fall off or shift during wear. Choose from leading brands such as Remington, Radians, and more. We carry other protective gear for your kids, including children's gloves and earmuffs.

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  1. Pyramex EverLite Black Frame/Dark Gray Lens Safety Glasses 12/BX

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  2. Child Safety Goggles

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Why Children Need Safety Glasses

Although activities like fishing or paintball feel like play to your children, they still present many potential vision risks and, consequently, require adequate kids' safety glasses. A flying piece of debris or an accidental fall can cause serious, irreparable damage, so supplying little ones with properly fitted gear is of the utmost importance. Some activities that require coverage include:

  • Woodworking
  • Science experiments involving chemicals
  • Racquetball
  • Paintball

To ensure your children can have a worry-free time, equip them with the appropriate safety glasses or goggles designed specifically with kids in mind.

Children's Safety Glasses Standards

Our collection of child safety glasses meets the same rigorous testing and functional standards as our adult line. Here, you will find kids' eyewear that aligns with the American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) criteria for basic or high-impact protection. That means your children can enjoy the same coverage as those who work in high-risk fields like carpentry or construction. Look for a "Z87" label on the safety glasses' lens to confirm your child's gear meets these ANSI standards.

Child Safety Goggles & U.V. Protection

To provide your child with shielding from a wide range of vision hazards, choose a pair of safety glasses with sun protection. Although not all kids' eyewear options address this risk, many offer 99.9 percent U.V. coverage. Such features are indispensable for outdoor use as the sun can damage to your child's eyesight. For extra U.V. defense, try safety glasses with polarized lenses that will reduce glare.

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