Safety Goggles

Need a little more protection? Safety goggles are the answer!

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  1. Pyramex PMXCEL Goggles Polycarbonate Material Anti-Fog, Polarized Lens Gray Color - 1 Pair

    SKU: PYRSB7321DT

    Special Price $28.93 Regular Price $36.74
  2. HexArmor MX200G Dual Action Anti-Fog Safety Glasses TruShield™2SF Clear Lens Clear Color - 1 / Pair

    SKU: HEX11-12002-05-N

    Special Price $19.99 Regular Price $22.99
  3. Pyramex Emerge Plus Gray Frame/Clear full +2.0 reader Lens Safety Glasses 6 /BX

    SKU: PYRSG9810R20-N

    Special Price $37.06 Regular Price $38.48
  4. Jackson Safety V80 Monogoggle XTR:Blue Frame,AF Clear Lens Safety Goggles 6/Box

    SKU: JAC18624

    Special Price $74.51 Regular Price $108.14
  5. MCR Safety Hydroblast HB2 Goggles Black Polypropylene One Size - 1 Dozen

    SKU: MCRHB1222PF

    Special Price $128.61 Regular Price $141.74
  6. Radians Chemical Splash Safety Goggles

    SKU: RADGG0111ID

  7. Pyramex V2G Black Frame/Amber Anti-Fog Lens

    SKU: PYRGB1830ST

  8. Pyramex XSG Ballistic Goggles - Gray Lens


  9. ESS FirePro 1977 FS Goggle | 740-0377

    SKU: EYE740-0377

    Special Price $45.62 Regular Price $46.68
  10. Child Safety Goggles

    SKU: SUW83210

  11. Pyramex XSG Goggle - Amber Lens

    SKU: PYRGB4030ST

  12. Pyramex XS3 Plus Black Frame/Clear Anti-Fog Lens


    Special Price $4.99 Regular Price $9.99
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Items 1-20 of 35

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Did you know that the second most common eye injury at the workplace comes from chemical slash accidents? When OSHA conducts a hazard assessment of your workplace and calls for protection from chemical vapor or splash, Safety Goggles are the correct choice. Unlike safety glasses, these goggles cover the eyes and facial area immediately surround the eyes and provide more protection from liquid splashes and high heat hazards, while still offering great impact protection. Safety glasses are not effective in protecting your eyes from chemical vapor or splash. Our selection of goggles meet ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 Standards for impact protection.

Safety goggles are commonly found in science laboratories, hospital exam rooms, medical labs, science classrooms, chemical processing plants and chemical handling facilities. These goggles are also worn my HazMat teams during hazardous material cleanup operations.

For those outdoor enthusiast, check out our selection of Pyramex goggles with interchangeable colored lenses for outdoors use. They also provide a high level of impact protection and protection from dust and liquid splashes.

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