Peltor ComTac II Military and Special Ops Headset Kits

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The Dual Radio/Intercom can be ordered with one Push-To-Talk (FL5040-02) that allows for monitoring 2 channels and voice transmission on 1 channel. The incoming audio is split and the radio transmissions are heard independently in each headset earcup. The system can be ordered with two Push-To-Talks (FL5040-02) for voice transmission on both incoming audio channels.

The ultimate kit for dual radio transmitting and receiving is the Dual MBITR Radio Kit (88019). It includes a special ComTac II headset that has a single downlead cable and split audio feature. The FL5501 dual IMBITR Push-To-Talk harness cable has a flip switch for radio transmit priority. Headset allows transmission to be heard independently in each earcup.

All of these kits are NATO wired. Please call if you have any questions prior to ordering these built-to-order units.

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