Children and Youth Ear Muffs

Share every experience possible with your little one without worrying about exposure to loud environments that can cause noise-related injuries and potential auditory loss with our ear muffs for kids. Outfit your child with ear muff hearing protection that’s uniquely designed for kids, babies and toddlers. Soft and durable cups fully cover little ears without causing discomfort, while a flexible headband ensures a secure yet gentle fit for all youth sizes. Find the proper kids hearing protection with Enviro Safety Products’ wide selection of baby, toddler and child-friendly ear muffs.

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Why Children Need Hearing Protection

Protecting the hearing of your children is no joke. Often times, your young kids, and even your teenagers aren't old enough to make informed decisions about preventing auditory damage. Looking cool is often times more important than hearing protection. In many cases, earplugs may not be an option for small children or kids. The sad truth is that once you lose your ability to detect sounds, or damage it, you cannot recover it. The effects are cumulative.

Types of Youth Hearing Protection

There are many styles of kids hearing protection. There are both in-ear and over-the-ear options. Often times, earmuffs for children come in unique colors like pink, blue, and black. Your kids can then decorate this gear with stickers, pen-drawn designs, or paint to better match their unique personality.

When does Hearing Damage Occur?

Noises over 85db or higher can produce hearing loss. Sudden loud sounds or long-term exposure to high-volume noises both can cause this kind of injury. Earplugs and ear muffs for kids are a way to prevent this totally preventable form of auditory damage, often referred to NIHL or Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

What Are The Signs of NIHL?

  • Muffled or distorted hearing
  • Difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds like birds or doorbells
  • Difficulty in hearing speech during telephone conversations or while in group conversations
  • Pain or ringing in your ears after exposure to loud sounds or events

Hearing protection for events like Racing, Nascar, Indycar, ALMS, NHRA drag races is really a must for your children or teenagers. The sounds at these events can be loud and sustained, and your kids will thank you for years to come if you help them develop good hearing hygiene.

The CDC has some great reference material about hearing loss here.

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