Pelican Medium Cases

Your gear can only protect you as well as you protect it. Ensure its security with Pelican medium size cases in 1500, 1520, 1550 and other varieties. These portable storage boxes accommodate medium-sized items, from camera tools to safety gear, keeping them organized. Enclosed in a virtually unbreakable hard outer layer, these Pelican cases feature thick foam padding for shock absorption that’ll keep your goods unharmed, whether you’re tossing them in your truck bed or stowing them away for the season. Like all Pelican cases, these medium size models are waterproof, dustproof and crushproof. Browse Enviro Safety Products for a selection of Pelican cases in 1500, 1520, 1550 and other space-saving varieties today.

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  1. Pelican 1440 Top Loader Case with Padded Dividers

    SKU: PEP1444

  2. Pelican 1447 Top Loader Case with Office Organizer

    SKU: PEP1447

  3. Pelican Case 1454 with Padded Dividers

    SKU: PEP1454

  4. Pelican Case 1500 with Padded Dividers

    SKU: PEP1504

  5. Pelican 1500 EMS Case


  6. Pelican 1550 EMS Case


  7. Pelican 1514 Case with Padded Dividers

    SKU: PEP1514

  8. Pelican Case 1554

    SKU: PEP1554

  9. Pelican 1520 Case with Padded Dividers

    SKU: PEP1524

  10. Pelican 1520 Case with Travel Bag

    SKU: PEP1526

  11. Pelican 1510 Laptop Overnight Case

    SKU: PEP1510LOC

  12. Pelican 1430 Top Loader Case

    SKU: PEP1430NF

  13. Pelican Case 1450

    SKU: PEP1450NF

  14. Pelican 1500 Medium Case

    SKU: PEP1500NF

  15. Pelican Case 1510

    SKU: PEP1510NF

  16. Pelican Case 1520

    SKU: PEP1520NF

  17. Pelican Case 1550

    SKU: PEP1550NF

  18. Pelican - 1630 Transport Case

    SKU: PEP1630-000-110

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Also known as Pelican Camera Cases, these cases are widely used by photographer to store their camera gear, including camera bodies, lenses, flashes and more. The possibilities are almost endless to what you can store in these cases. Some cases come with padded dividers that allow you to organize and arrange your gear to your specifications and the top foam lining protects the top of your gear. Medium Pelican Cases are the most popular size consumer case as well. With the same great waterproof, dustproof and crush proof features, these cases are guaranteed to keep your gear protected. They come with an o-ring seal that keeps water, moisture and dust out and the hard polycarbonate construction is virtually constructable. Pelican Camera Cases are easy to transport too. We carry some cases with built-in wheels and an extendable handle that makes transporting your gear virtually effortless. We also carry Medium Pelican Cases in a top loader design.

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