Pelican Large Cases

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  1. Pelican Case 1600

    SKU: PEP1600NF

  2. Pelican Case 1620

    SKU: PEP1620NF

  3. Pelican Case 1630

    SKU: PEP1630NF

  4. Pelican Case 1650

    SKU: PEP1650NF

  5. Pelican 1600 EMS Case


  6. Pelican 1600 Case with Padded Dividers

    SKU: PEP1604

  7. Pelican 1630 Case with Padded Dividers

    SKU: PEP1634

  8. Pelican 1650 Case with Padded Dividers

    SKU: PEP1654

  9. Pelican 1730 Transport Case

    SKU: PEP1730NF

  10. Pelican Case 1560

    SKU: PEP1560NF

  11. Pelican Case 1640

    SKU: PEP1640NF

  12. Pelican Case 1660

    SKU: PEP1660NF

  13. Pelican 1660 Case with Padded Dividers

    SKU: PEP1664

  14. Pelican 1690 Case with Padded Divider

    SKU: PEP1694

  15. Pelican 1564 Case with Padded Dividers

    SKU: PEP1564

  16. Pelican 1750 Long Case | 1750-000-110

    SKU: PEP1750-000-110

  17. Pelican 1610 Case with Padded Dividers

    SKU: PEP1614

  18. Pelican 1780RF Gun Case

    SKU: PEP1780RF

  19. Pelican 0500 Transport Case

    SKU: PEP0500NF

  20. Pelican Case 0450 Tool Chest

    SKU: PEP0450

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Items 1-20 of 28

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These heavy-duty cases will keep your valuables safe and secure are the perfect choice case for air travel. You don't have to worry about baggage handlers destroying your luggage, With its heavy-duty polypropylene construction, these Large Pelican Cases are crush proof and virtually unbreakable, leaving you worry-free during travel. These cases also come with an Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve that will release built-up air pressure when in high altitudes. Pelican cases are available with padded dividers or Pick 'N' Pluck foam that is customizable to specifically fit your gear and equipment. The sky is the limit to what you can store in these cases, including camera gear, computers, surveying equipment, communication gear and much more. Worried about water entering your case? Don't be, these cases feature a polymer o-ring seal inside the tongue-and-groove fit of the case and lid, giving them a waterproof seal and it also prevents moisture from entering as well. Most Large Pelican Cases come with an extendable handle and wheel for easy transportation. All cases are available in various color choices to meet your specific needs.

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