3M 7000000247 Microfinishing Film Roll 372L, Keyed Core, ASO, Orange, 4 in x 150 ft x 3 in, Case of 4

3MSKU: 3MM60010021719-RO-DS
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Brand3M Abrasives
Main CategoryAbrasives

Predictable, Consistent, Repeatable Performance

In order to achieve an extremely consistent scratch for microfinishing, we use micron-graded mineral, measured at a very tight size tolerances for 3M™ Microfinishing Film Roll 372L. The resin bond ensures reliable, consistent performance. With a durable film backing, the abrasive helps achieve tight geometry and finish tolerances.

This microfinishing roll comes in a broad range of micron grades to achieve reproducible surface characteristics and geometric values that adhere to specification. In some applications, numerous grades are run simultaneously to achieve finishes that differ across the surface of a single complex part. To reduce risk of operator error, we designed Type 2 film in a range of colors – reflective of each grade. The color coding is a useful visual cue, as is sorting width by core size and side and end of roll printing and marking.


Film Backing Provides Uniformly Flat Vehicle for Finer Finish

Film backings provide a superior, uniformly flat surface to hold abrasive particles – abrasive grains don’t compress or become pressed into the backing. Highly conformable and tear-resistant, the polyester film backing flexes to help achieve a consistent finish over contours and is stronger than comparable paper products, making it ideal for high-production environments.


For Flawless Geometries

Manufacturers of critical automotive components have little room for error in producing parts to specification. Power generation, life, noise, vibration and friction, fuel efficiency and emissions are all tied to the finishes of crankshafts and camshafts that rotate on increasingly thinner films of oil.


Engine component surfaces and geometry can be improved by using microfinishing which removes variations in the surface, minimizes friction and manipulates metal behavior in other ways.


Recommended Applications

3M™ Microfinishing Films are used in the production of industrial components such as custom flanges and fittings for the oil and gas industry, as well as superfinishing of automotive parts, like crankshafts, camshafts and transmission parts.


A Portfolio of Abrasive Systems Solutions

From specialty abrasives designed for a highly specific purpose to versatile, jack-of-all-trades sheets, you can find an abrasive tool to accomplish your task or perfect your system. At 3M, we draw from a wealth of original technologies and breakthrough inventions to provide a broad portfolio of abrasives that shape, finish and polish with ease and precision.


Micron-graded aluminum oxide abrasive cuts fast and provides a consistent, fine finish

Durable polyester film backing provides flexibility for consistent finishing on contoured surfaces

Polyester film backing can be run wet

Available in a range of grades to help operators achieve goal tolerances

Color-coded by grade for error proofing


Available in Case of 4



Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide

Application: Finishing

Backing Material: Polyester Film

Backing Thickness (Imperial) : 5 mil

Bond Type: Resin

Brand: 3M™

Core Size (Imperial): 3 in

Core Type: Keyed

Equipment - Machines: Superfinishing Machines, Microfinishing Machines

Industries: Precision Grinding & Finishing, Aerospace, Transportation & Heavy Equipment, General Industrial, AOEM, Primary Metal

Micron Grade: 15 μm

Overall Length (Imperial) : 150 ft

Overall Width (Imperial) : 4 in

Product Color: Orange

Product Form: Roll

Roll Wind: ASO

Shelf Life: 3650 Days

Smallest Saleable Unit*: Roll

Sub Applications: Powertrain Microfinishing, Fine Finishing, Superfinishing


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