Two-Year Single Gas Clip Plus (SGC Plus) with Hibernate Mode - H2S

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ManufacturerGas Clip
BrandGas Clip
Main CategoryGas Detection

Gas Clip Technologies offers a maintenance free handheld gas detector with a Hibernate mode called the Single Gas Clip Plus. The Hibernate mode allows its users to place the Single Gas Clip Plus, also known as the SGC Plus on a rested/'sleep' state when not in use. The SGC Plus is used in many industries and is ideal for seasonal/turnaround contractors or rental fleets.

What makes the SGC Plus extremely beneficial is when your job or turnaround is finished, simply synchronize the instrument with Gas Clip's IR Link or SGC Dock and put the detector in a rested state. when you are ready to use the detector again, simply press the power button to reactivate the detector.

With the SGC Plus, you only par for the time that the handheld gas detector is in use. Each SGC Plus will last for 24 months of use and comes with a warranty of 24 months of use or 3 years from activation (whichever comes first). However, this mode can only be enable via IR communication with either the IR Link or SGC Dock accessories (not by a button push), so only authorized personnel can place the units in "hibernate" mode. The SGC Plus also provides the most advanced maintenance free disposable single gas detector on the market. Unlike other disposable single gas detectors, the SGC Plus combines a rugged design and reliability with advanced sensor resolution (0.1 ppm for H2S models). Advanced micro processing capabilities allow for quick unit configuration adjustments to comply with current and future industrial health and safety gas exposure regulations for workers in industrial environments. Each SGC Plus comes with the following key features:

  • Unmatched sensor reliability for H2S or CO
  • "Hibernate" mode
  • Adjustable alarm set points
  • Real-time gas reading capability
  • 50% larger battery capacity
  • 0.1 ppm resolution for H2S sensor and display
  • Two-way IR communication for event downloads, bump tests, unit configuration and firmware updates
  • Programmable unique 6 digit detector identification
  • "Bump Check" confirmation/identification
  • Optional calibration
  • Calibration confirmation/identification
  • Docking capability with Gas Clip Technologies SGC Dock
  • Model numbers: GCTSGC-P-H (H2S); GCTSGC-P-C (CO)


  • Size: 3.2" H x 2.0" W x 1.1" D (81mm H x 50mm W x 28mm D)
  • Weight: 2.7 oz (76 g)
  • Temperature: (H2S: -40°C to +50°C/ -40°F to +122°F) (CO: -40°C to +50°C/ -40°F to +122°F)
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing relative humidity
  • Alarms: Visual, Vibrating and Audible (minimum 95 db)
  • Tests: Full function self-test on activation and every 20 hours; continuous automatic battery and sensor tests
  • Ratings: IP 67/Complies with EMC directives 89/336/EEC
  • Certifications: UL 913 and CSA-22 No 157 Class 1 Division 1&2 Groups A, B, C and D; ATEX: II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4; IECEX: Ex ia IIC T4
  • Warranty: 3 years from activation or 24 months of operational life (whichever occurs first); 1 year shelf life


Bump Check Reminder: All Single Gas Clip models come standard with the bump check reminder feature. When activated, if the detector has not been bump tested within the designated interval, the instrument will emit both a flash and show “buP” across the screen alerting the user, peer, or supervisor that the gas bump test is due. In addition to the flash, the TEST Icon will continually display in the upper left hand corner. This alert increases user accountability and allows for easier policy enforcement. Note the flash feature can be disabled within the IR Link software, if desired.

Programmable unique 6 digit ID: Considering the rugged environment these instruments are often exposed to and used in, identification via serial number, sticker, or marker can be unreliable. With the unique ID feature, units can be identified with a simple push of a button. Available using both limited alpha and full numeric characters, each unit can be assigned a unique ID utilizing, for example an employee ID number, last 4 digits of SSN, or a job code. Unique ID’s will also appear on event log reports and bump test logs. ID’s will be displayed on the detector screen in segments of 3 digits at a time (first 3 digits, then last 3 digits).

Adjustable alarm set points: To adapt with changing health and safety gas exposure regulations for workers in industrial environments , the Single Gas Clip alarm set points can be easily adjusted via the IR Link software or through the SGC Dock. Detectors can also be special ordered with custom alarm set points.


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