Supplied Air Respirator Systems

Supplied Air Respirators were designed as a highly cost-effective solution for respiratory protection in non-IDLH environments. Numerous facepiece options are available for personalized comfort including Half Mask, Full Facepiece, Air Supplied Hoods, and Sand Blasting.

Low pressure systems such as PAPR, and 3M Masks can also be found at Enviro Safety Products.

Respirator users will enjoy the comfort of a supplied air respirator system! Supplied Air systems can allow the user to heat or cool incoming air by as much as 50 degrees, providing for a much more comfortable experience. Additionally Supplied Air Respirators provide for the ability to pull air from either contained sources, or sources outside of the area of contamination.

Allegro Supplied Air systems

Allegro systems come fully equipped with a compressor, mask, hose and other material necessary to use your system immediately.

3M Supplied Air Systems

3M SAR systems come in a variety of configurations and allow for Supplied Air Systems that monitor for CO Filtration and monitoring. And, if you need it, a CO Monitor retrofit kit that allows you to monitor CO Levels. 3M Supplied Air Respirators also come in BumpCap, Hard Hat, Helmet and hood configurations depending on your job site needs.

The Importance of Clean Air

Breathing clean air is essential when working in contaminated areas. Supplied Air Respirators (SAR) are often used for contact with hazardous materials such as lead, asbestos, or aerosol paint. Supplied Air Respirators pump clean air from a compressed air source through a hose and into the facemask. Positive pressure to the mask means less chance of contaminants getting in. The clean air source can be from a high or low pressure compressor or an air cylinder. Supplied Air Respirators are perfect for confined spaces as mobility is limited by the length of the hose connecting the user to the clean air source.

FYI - The EPA recommends that all painters wear Supplied Air Respirators when spraying paints containing toxic chemicals such as isocyanate.

Note: supplied air respirator system headgear, breathing tube, air control valve, and compressed air supply hose are required parts in a NIOSH-approved system. Any NIOSH certification appearing on 3M components is strictly limited to use in an approved air system and only in full accordance with the specifications and limitations under said approval. NIOSH certified complete assemblies only, not sub-assemblies.

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