Tychem F Coveralls

The Tychem F Coverall is the ideal disposable protective coverall for persons who need a strong, durable, and lightweight coverall. The Tychem F coverall is specifically designed to provide protection against hazardous chemical agents and is popular in our line of Tychem hazardous environment protection suits. The Tychem F coverall provides at least 30 minutes of protection on over 181 chemical agents including chemical warfare and toxic industrial chemicals.

Tychem F Suit Commonly worn by:

  • Law enforcement agents
  • Military and civilian emergency responders
  • EMS technicians
  • Cleanup crews
  • Disaster site remediation

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Made from a barrier film laminated with tyvek, the Tychem F suits are durable, lightweight and designed with a low visibility grey color which makes them ideal for military personnel, medical crews or police/law enforcement personnel where being highly visible might be a hazard or might not be desired.

The Tychem F is designed with Taped seams for protection against liquid splashes, a storm flap which can be sealed to prevent leak through at the zipper, and elastic bands at wrist and ankle for a tighter fit and seal against dangerous materials.

As indicated by Dupont, the Tychem F system is generally preferred for protection against agents like Blood, saliva, excrement and other bloodborne pathogens and biohazards, along with moderate splash hazards for organics and solvents. And finally, the Tychem F suit has been tested and is a preferred solution in protecting against ChemBio & warfare agents like Sarin, Mustard & VX nerve agents. A handy hazard matrix can be downloaded here to make selection of the proper tychem system easier.