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When a job well done doesn’t involve working in an air conditioned space, you can still keep your cool with cold, ice pack, liquid and evaporative cooling vests. These wearable cooling systems provide a satisfying chill that starts at your torso and hits your whole body for hours on end. Find the heat relief option that best complements your work environment, whether its suits stacked with ice packs or advanced evaporative technology. All our vests are designed to reduce temperature-related irritations while serving as lightweight safety wear. Stay relaxed in the sun with cold, ice pack, liquid and evaporative cooling vests from Enviro Safety Products.

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  1. PIP Cool Medics Cropped Cooling Vest

    SKU: PIP390-M1750

  2. PIP E-Cooline Premium Cooling Vest

    SKU: PIP390-1009

  3. Pro Vest with Cooling UniPaks


  4. PIP EZ-Cool Phase Change Cooling Vest Kit

    SKU: PIP390-PCVKT1

    Special Price $129.99 Regular Price $169.99
  5. PIP EZ-Cool High Visibility Cooling Vest

    SKU: PIP390-EZ202

    Special Price $35.99 Regular Price $39.99
  6. PIP Cool Medics Flame Resistant Cooling Vest

    SKU: PIP390-M1635FR

  7. PIP Cool Medics High Visibility Cooling Vest with Pockets

    SKU: PIP390-M1864P

  8. PIP Cool Medics High Visibility Cooling Vest

    SKU: PIP390-M1863

    Special Price $129.99 Regular Price $149.99
  9. Hi-Viz Pro Vest with Cooling UniPaks

    SKU: OCC50D-PV

  10. Value Cooling Vest with Unipak


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Workers will appreciate getting fully vested in these top of the line cooling vests and ponchos! We have a large selection that fit your budget and help you beat the heat. All cold, ice, evaporative, and phase change cooling vests provide superior cooling in high heat temperatures. Choose from models that you can dip in cold water or that have reusable packs keeping you cool for up to 4 hours. You will also find replacement cooling packs for vests, avoiding downtime and continuing to keep you cool. Heat Stress can be a very serious issue, and cooling vests can help alleviate issues around heat.

Evaporative Cooling Vests: Evaporative cooling vests come in several configurations, some of which keep the wearer dry while providing significant cooling and duration. The E-Cooline Premium Cooling Vest can keep the wearer cool for up to 48 hours with one soaking of 10 seconds! Generally, evaporative cooling vests are light weight, cost significantly less, and are excellent in dry climates and can cool for a long duration of time.

Cold Pack Cooling Vests: Cooling packs are able to provide very high cooling rates, are moderately lightweight, and can be used under clothing. They do require access to a freezer, and it does take time for the packs to freeze.

Phase Change Cooling Vests: Vests using Phase Change technology, are dry, release a constant cooling temperature of 58 degrees, and recharging of the packs can take very little time. Phase Change Cooling Vests can cool for up to 3 hours – and are convenient to use.

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