Hard Hat Shades & Cooling Products

Sometimes, in order to get the best protection, you need to layer up – even in warmer climates. Cool down without jeopardizing your on-the-job safety with hard hat neck shades, cooling pads, and other products designed to keep you comfortable throughout the day. These interchangeable sun shades easily attach to a variety of construction hats for quick reprieve from the heat, without adding major bulk or weight. Customize your hard hat with a sleek and lightweight shade to shield your skin from sun damage, or get double the cooling effect with an internal cooling pad/shade combination. Suit up with any of Enviro’s hard hat neck sun shades or cooling products for heat relief that goes wherever you do.

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  1. Arctic Radwear™ Cooling Headband by Radians

    SKU: RADRCS105

    Special Price $3.99 Regular Price $4.99
  2. PIP Hi-Viz Hard Hat Visor with Neck Shade

    SKU: PIP396-800

    Special Price $8.49 Regular Price $9.99
  3. PIP Terry Cloth Sweatband for Hard Hats

    SKU: PIP396-20870

  4. Hard Hat Sweatband with Neckshade

    SKU: OCC971-HVY

  5. PIP Evaporative Cooling Towel, EZ-Cool Blue Color 1 Each

    SKU: PIP396-602-B

    Special Price $6.99 Regular Price $9.99
  6. PIP Hard Hat Cooling Pad with EZ-Cool

    SKU: PIP396-400

  7. PIP EZ-Cool Cellulose Sponge Sweatband Blue Color 1000/Case

    SKU: PIP396-500

    Special Price $449.99 Regular Price $500.00
  8. Allegro 8406 Hard Hat Cooling Neck Shade

    SKU: ALL8406

  9. Terry Topper Hard Hat Sweatbands

    SKU: OCC880-01

  10. Arctic Radwear™ Head Shade by Radians

    SKU: RADRCS308

    Special Price $5.99 Regular Price $6.53
  11. Evaporative Cooling Bandana by PIP

    SKU: PIP393-100

    Special Price $1.99 Regular Price $2.99
  12. PIP Evaporative Cooling Hard Hat Pad with Neck Shade

    SKU: PIP396-405

    Special Price $3.75 Regular Price $4.60
  13. PIP Cooling Tie Hat with EZ-Cool

    SKU: PIP396-300

    Special Price $3.99 Regular Price $4.61
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