Industrial Safety for Summer

Working on the job site during the summer provides for excellent light, clear weather, and potentially temperate work days. Your workers generally will enjoy the weather! However, hot weather can bring with it problems, such as heat stress, insects, and more. Be prepared with summer heat protection gear! Dehydration and heat stress are legitimate concerns of the working world that can cause decreases in performance and efficiency, as well as an increase in the likelihood for injury. Employers, safety managers, and employees all want to work safely while maximizing productivity. Each person wants to prevent accidents or injury at all cost, and to do so it is critical to know the symptoms of dehydration. This white paper examines dehydration, dehydration-caused illness and injury, and the risks associated with operating while dehydrated.

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  1. PIP 393-200-CWB Clima-Band™ Absorptive Head & Neck Cover Cowboy Blue

    SKU: PIP393-200-CWB

    Special Price $5.49 Regular Price $6.99
  2. PIP 393-200-YEL Clima-Band™ Absorptive Head & Neck Cover Yellow

    SKU: PIP393-200-YEL

    Special Price $5.49 Regular Price $6.99
  3. Sprighten Cooling Towel - Blue (1 EA)

    SKU: SPR06CT1

    Special Price $4.99 Regular Price $6.99
  4. MiraCool Cooling Bandanas

    SKU: OCC940

    As low as $1.18
  5. PIP EZ Cool Max Evaporative Cooling Towel Camo One Size 12 / Box

    SKU: PIP396-EZ900-GC

    Special Price $80.49 Regular Price $89.99
  6. Pyramex Cooling Towel Blue Color 1/Ea

    SKU: PYRC160

    Special Price $6.99 Regular Price $9.99
  7. Radians RCS52 Arctic Radwear® Cooling Wrap Pink


    Special Price $2.79 Regular Price $3.99
  8. Sqwincher Sugar-Free Qwik Stik, 0.11 oz, Tube, Yields 20 oz 500/Case

    SKU: SQW060

    Special Price $195.49 Regular Price $229.99
  9. Sqwincher® Sqweeze® Freezer Pops, Assorted, 3 oz, Tube 150/Case

    SKU: SQW159200201

    Special Price $39.66 Regular Price $57.49
  10. Cordova CB100 ColdSnap™ Cooling Band (1 DZ)

    SKU: CRDCB100

  11. CoolCore TD200 Skull Cap (6 PK)

    SKU: OCCTD200

  12. CoolCore TD800 Gaiter Yellow TD800 (8 PK)

    SKU: OCCTD800

  13. CoolCore TD700 Baseball Hat (5 PK)

    SKU: OCCTD700

  14. Occunomix Miracool® Pullover Cooling Vest Orange 902


  15. BugX DEET-Free Insect Repellent Wrist Bands

    SKU: COR12740

    Special Price $30.99 Regular Price $45.99
  16. Terry Topper Hard Hat Sweatbands - Snap-On

    SKU: OCC870

  17. Radians RCS51 Arctic Radwear® Cooling Wrap Green


    Special Price $2.79 Regular Price $3.99
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