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California Wildfires 2019 Respiratory Protection

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Throughout the Western US, deadly wildfires have worsened. In 2018, the California fire season saw 7,571 wildfires burning 1.7 million acres of land and tens of thousands of structures. Reports estimate the 2018 California wildfires to be the most expensive natural disaster in American history, with a cost reaching $400 billion. Countless animals and over 100 people were killed, with many more suffering burns, other severe injuries, and a variety of serious conditions due to inhaling unhealthy levels of wildfire smoke. As a direct response CALIFORNIA AB 1124 has been introduced to require Respirators be provided to workers fighting wildfires when they could be exposed to harmful levels of smoke.

For now, the California Department of Industrial Relations' Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board has adopted EMERGENCY REGULATION to protect workers from hazards associated with wildfire smoke. The emergency regulation is expected to take effect in early August 2019 and remain in effect through January 2020, perhaps longer; then, the standards board is expected to start the regular rule-making process and adopt it as a permanent regulation. When the Air Quality Index (AQI) for airborne particulate matter is 151 or greater, and when it is reasonably anticipated that workers could be exposed to wildfire smoke, employers must protect workers. Employers must check the AQI for harmful exposure levels. If possible, the harmful exposure must be reduced. However, if that is not possible, Training must be provided on the health effects of wildfire smoke and Respirators must be offered for voluntary use. N95 masks, such as the 3M 8210, are said to be an option.

Millions of people work in environments with respiratory hazards, toxic vapors, dangerous gases, risky particles and silica dust. Employers must know whether a given exposure is harmful, in fact harmful enough to necessitate Respiratory Protection. Wildfire smoke, in particular, consists of different gases and fine particles, some from burning vegetation and others from burning structures, with structures potentially having been built with asbestos, lead and other toxins. Harmful exposure to such hazards can cause reduced lung function, lung disease, cancer and even heart problems. For example, see this story of a NYPC officer who was assigned to Ground Zero after 9-11 and he now battles World Trade Center Cough.

CAL/OSHA sees the need for Worker Safety, especially with regard to hazards associated with Wildfire Smoke

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Dust Masks: What's The Difference?

Here's a comparison of an N95 Mask, N100 Mask and P100 Mask

3M 8210 N95 Respirator

3M 8210 (N95)

This general-purpose N95 disposable particulate respirator (dust mask) is known worldwide as one of the most reliable N95s available. NIOSH approves it for 95% filtration efficiency against non-oil-based particulate. The lightweight design sits comfortably over the user’s face, and the advanced electrostatic microfiber filter allows it to be worn for long periods without discomfort. The adjustable nose clip and headband create a secure seal around the entire mouth. Common applications: grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging, dry chemical handling, assembly, petrochemical or pharmaceutical manufacturing, mining, and foundry operations.

3M 8210V N95 Respirator

3M 8210V (N95)

If you like the original 8210, you will love the 8210V. This mask provides the same great protection that is standard with an N95, meaning 95% filtration efficiency against non-oil-based particulate. But the 8210V includes a CoolFlow Exhalation Valve for your breathing comfort. Worker comfort when wearing a respirator is largely based on how hot it feels on the face. Hot air is primarily produced as the wearer exhales. However, the CoolFlow Valve on this mask expels the hot air quickly. This allows the worker to feel more cool air on their face. This is ideal for creating longer periods of wear time and increased respiratory protection. The adjustable nose clip and braided headband provide a secure seal. Common applications: grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging and other dusty operations.

3M 8511 N95 Respirator

3M 8511 (N95)

This general-purpose respirator is perfect for hot and/or dusty work environments. NIOSH approves it for 95% filtration efficiency against non-oil-based particulate. It has a CoolFlow Exhalation Valve that is engineered to release exhaled breath quickly to prevent heat buildup inside the mask, and the advanced electrostatic microfiber filter allows it to be worn for long periods without discomfort. The adjustable nose clip and braided headband provide a secure seal. Common applications: grinding, sawing, bagging, sanding, sweeping, dry chemical handling, assembly, textile operations, agricultural production, petrochemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, mineral processing, and foundry operations

3M 1860 N95 Health Care Respirator

3M 1860 (N95)

This medical respirator is designed to block out airborne particulate as small as 0.1 microns. It meets the CDC guidelines for tuberculosis exposure control set by NIOSH, and the FDA has approved it for general-purpose surgical use. It is particularly useful for medical procedures such as electrocautery and laser surgery, which involve powered instruments that can kick particles into the air. The cup shape resists collapsing towards the face. The mask has a greater than 99% bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) rating to ensure it will protect from bacteria and bodily fluid alike. Common applications: operating room, clinic, TB ward, labor and delivery, infection control, stockpiling, laboratory, and emergency/pandemic preparedness planning.

3M 8233 N100 Respirator

3M 8233 (N100)

Increased protection, that's what you get from this mask. With an N100 rating, this respirator is designed to reliably give you at least 99.7% filtration efficiency against certain non-oil-based particles. Yes, it has softer material inside the mask for added comfort. Yes, it has the CoolFlow Exhalation valve for cooler breathing. But the main advantage is really that elevated filtration efficiency. The adjustable nose clip and adjustable head straps provide a custom and secure fit. Common applications: foundry operations, grinding, petrochemical manufacturing, processing of minerals, welding, construction, general manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and transportation.

3M 8293 P100 Respirator

3M 8293 (P100)

Even more protection, imagine that! The P100 rating on this mask means it provides a minimum of 99.97% filtration efficiency against oil and non-oil-based particles. Included with this mask is the CoolFlow Exhalation Valve for maximum breathing comfort. As well, it has a foam seal along with fully adjustable straps, so you can customize how it fits on your face. All this should lead to more wearability and improved respiratory protection. Common applications: lead abatement, pharmaceutical manufacturing. Ideal for certain OSHA substance specific contaminants including lead, MDA, arsenic, cadmium (excluding asbestos).

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