3M™ Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator Drop Down 6000DD (Small-Large) (Case of 24 Masks)

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Due to the 2019 Coronavirus, unprecedented demand has forced 3M to place respiratory products on global allocation. We are receiving rolling shipments on a continuous basis, and are working with our industrial, healthcare, and governmental partners to fulfill all orders. Please expect a 2-3 month lead time on all orders.
To inquire about a placing an order for this product, please visit envirosafety.com/quick-quote

3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator Drop Down, Small 6100DD - Medium 6200DD - Large 6300DD, Respiratory Protection
Respirators provide the safety and protection you need in work environments where harmful air particulates may exist. Respiratory protection can protect its users in a variety of applications that include spray painting, varnishing, staining & coating, sanding & grinding, welding, abatement, cement work, cleaning & janitorial, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical manufacturing. Respirators can be used for removal of contaminants from the air such as particulate respirators which filter out airborne particles and air-purifying respirators with cartridges & filters which filter out chemicals and gases.

The 3M Drop Down Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator is used by workers who simultaneously wear hardhats and need to frequently remove the respirator without removing the hardhat. This Drop Down Reusable Respirator is available is three sizes: SMALL 6100DD, MEDIUM 6200DD and LARGE 6300DD.

  • Half facepiece respirator constructed from soft, lightweight material
  • Drop-down head harness
  • Compatible and convenient respiratory protection
  • Drop-down model allows wearers to lower the respirator without removing hard hat or faceshield


  • Brand: 3M
  • Style: 3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator Drop Down, Respiratory Protection
  • Product Category: Respiratory Protection‎
  • Product Use: Half Facepiece Respirators‎
  • Product Style: Reusable Respirators & Parts‎
  • Connection Type: Bayonet‎
  • Facepiece Type‎: Half Facepiece Reusable‎
  • Features‎: Dual Airline supplied air compatible‎, Dropdown Suspension‎
  • Primary Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)‎
  • Product Series: Half Facepiece 6000 Series‎
  • Recommended Application‎: Grinding‎, Cutting‎, Sanding‎, Welding‎, Painting‎
  • Size: Small 6100DD, Medium 6200DD, Large 6300DD‎

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  Part Number   Particulate Filters and Gas/Vapor Cartridges
  3MM2071   Particulate Filter, P95
 3MM2076HF   Particulate Filter, Hydrogen Fluoride/P95, with Nuisance Level Acid Gas Relief
  3MM2078   Particulate Filter, P95, with Nuisance Level Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Relief
  3MM2091   Particulate Filter, P100
  3MM2096   Particulate Filter, P100, with Nuisance Level Acid Gas Relief
  3MM2097   Particulate Filter, P100, with Nuisance Level Organic Vapor Relief
  3MM2291   Advanced Particulate Filter, P100
  3MM2296   Advanced Particulate Filter, P100, with Nuisance Level Acid Gas Relief
  3MM2297   Advanced Particulate Filter, P100, with Nuisance Level Organic Vapor Relief
  3MM6001   Cartridge, Organic Vapor
  3MM6002   Cartridge, Acid Gas
  3MM6003   Cartridge, Organic Vapor/Acid Gas
  3MM6004   Cartridge, Ammonia/Methylamine
  3MM6005   Cartridge, Formaldehyde/Organic Vapor
  3MM6006   Cartridge, Multi Gas/Vapor
  3MM6009   Cartridge, Mercury Vapor or Chlorine
  3MM60921   Cartridge/Filter, Organic Vapor/P100
  3MM60922   Cartridge/Filter, Acid Gas/P100
  3MM60923   Cartridge/Filter, Organic Vapor/Acid Gas/P100
  3MM60924   Cartridge/Filter, Ammonia/Methylamine/P100
  3MM60925   Cartridge/Filter, Formaldehyde/Organic Vapor/P100
  3MM60926   Cartridge/Filter, Multi-Gas/Vapor/P100
  3MM60928 Cartridge/Filter, Organic Vapor/Acid Gas/P100
  3MM60929   Cartridge/Filter, Mercury Vapor/Chlorine Gas/P100
  3MM7093   Particulate Filter, P100
  3MM7093C   Cartridge/Filter, Hydrogen Fluoride, P100 with Nuisance Level Organic Vapor and Acid Gas Relief
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