Lens Cleaning Stations and Towelettes

We have lens cleaning stations and towelettes to keep your vision clear and keep you safe. Protect your glasses and yourself by cleaning them properly by using disposable towelettes or a cleaning station.  Don't let cloudy vision cause you to have an accident, install a lens cleaning station at your work today. Click on an item below to see a full description and image.

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  1. Pyramex EverLite Black Frame/Gray H2MAX AntiFog Lens Safety Glasses 12/BX


    Special Price $42.90 Regular Price $44.55
  2. Parkers Perfect Anti-Fog Solution in 16 oz. Bottle


  3. Parkers Perfect Anti-Fog Foil Packet Station

    SKU: PPLFP-100

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  4. Parkers Perfect Anti-Fog Solution in 8 oz. Bottle


  5. Parkers Perfect Anti-Fog Solution in 4 oz. Bottle 50/Per Case


    Special Price $299.99 Regular Price $399.99
  6. Sta-Clear Lens Cleaning Packets

    SKU: SUW23490SMG

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Keeping your glasses or goggles clean are imperative to having proper vision. When your glasses or goggles get dirty it can cloud your vision and could result in an accident at the work place. There are various solutions to keeping your lenses cleaning; towelettes, cleaning stations, cleaning solutions, and sprays.

Since many lenses are coated with a special anti-fog, preventing a scratch to the lens coating may be difficult to avoid. One should never use their shirt or other dry surface material besides a special cloth made specifically for lenses to wipe your glasses or goggles.  Before using any type of cleaner, blow on the lenses or rinse under water to remove any unwanted artifacts that could potentially scratch your lenses.     

Individually packaged towelettes are a convenient solution for quick lens cleaning. They contain a special cleaning solution designed for anti-fog coatings and will not scratch.

Lens cleaning stations contain everything needed to properly clean your lenses. Most cleaning stations contain a cleaning solution and lens tissue and can be restocked at anytime. Some include a mirror. Lens cleaning stations can be mounted anywhere in the workplace.

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