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Headsets and Accessories for 2-Way Radios

Teamwork on the job is indispensable to productivity, and so are the right 2 way radio headsets, accessories and headphones from industry experts Peltor. Designed to provide crisp, clear communication in conjunction with a variety of radios – even when your crew is operating in different corners of the worksite – these hands-free two way headsets feature a secure and comfortable fit for hours of wear. Damaging outside noise is no match for Peltor two-way radio headphones. Get static-free sound and stay connected with your crew with Peltor communication headsets from Enviro Safety Products.

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  1. Peltor MT Series 2-Way Radio Headset

    SKU: PELMT7H79A-C0046

  2. 3M Peltor MT Series Two-Way Communications Headset MT7H79A-C0054 - Headband

    SKU: PELMT7H79A-C0054

    Special Price $499.99 Regular Price $500.99
  3. Peltor MT Series 2-Way Communication Headset

    SKU: PELMT7H79A-C0057

  4. Peltor TacticalPro Communications Headset - Neckband


  5. Peltor H79 MT Series High Noise Headsets


  6. Peltor Pumper Panel/Remote Mobile Firemans Headset

    SKU: PELMT51H31B-C0226

  7. Peltor H79 MT Series High Noise Headset, One-Sided

    SKU: PELMT7H79A1

  8. Peltor MT Series 2-Way Over-the-Head Headset

    SKU: PELMT7H79A-C0060

  9. Peltor MT Series One-Sided Communication Headset

    SKU: PELMT32H01

  10. Peltor MT Series Throat Mic Earpiece Combination


  11. Peltor HearPlugs Listen-Only Earpiece (DISCONTINUED)

    SKU: PELHTM06-02

  12. Peltor MT Series 2-Way Communication Headset

    SKU: PELMT7H79A-C0129

  13. Peltor WS Tactical XP Headset


  14. Peltor ORA TAC In-Ear Tactical Communications Headset


    Special Price $525.99 Regular Price $576.15
  15. Peltor MT Series Two-Sided Communication Headset

    SKU: PELMT32H02

  16. Peltor MT Series Throat Mic Earpiece Combination


  17. Peltor TacticalPro Communications Headset - Headband


    Special Price $204.99 Regular Price $250.00
  18. Peltor LWS Lapel Microphone - Kenwood Side Mount Plug Style

    SKU: PEL88008-00000

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Peltor 2 Way Radio Headsets offer the versatility along with the protection, durability and comfort. All Peltor electronic ear muffs have the highest quality audio and transmit specifications enhancing the communication capabilities of the user, making them the ideal choice for demanding applications such as:

  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Agricultural
  • Racing
  • Forestry

We carry a wide selection of Peltor 2-Way Radio Headsets, all with various features that suit your specific needs. Peltor two way headsets also provide a high level of hearing protection against loud noises. With large, soft foam earcups that surround the ear, you will get plenty of support and comfort. These headsets come in various models including, adjustable headband, neckband and hardhat mound. For push-to-talk communications, check out the Peltor lapel microphone and throat mic.

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